BLACK FRIDAY 2018 all ships and Containers || World of Warships

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  1. i have to say….i love the looks in black… not sure in general but the look great! what you think about this ?

    • I have to agree looks intimidating

    • It looks great. But in battle you’re gonna be picked even more. First it’s really dark so it’s really comfortable to shoot at your sweet citadel. In other camos those whose Colors are light below its hard to judge when it’s turning away. It would be easier to judge in this black one. It’s looks cool but it gonna sunk you faster where it would be hard to judge in some cases on some map.

    • black ships looking cool since 1850s… take it Japan!
      and they are sold at 30% off compared to their regular counterpart
      I have already Tirpitz, Asashio and Atago (well in the slightly nerfed version of Takao ARP), so i am not gonna waste money on rng containers and go straight for black Massachusets

    • Would be great for the storms & cyclones.

    • +ewok40k AKA BlackMass

  2. When Wargaming will implement legit storms (like the one in Operation Hermes) this is the goto camo.

  3. Confused Blue Dragon

    Okay, so a handful of those 15 Black Friday containers give you 35k FXP as opposed to the 25k given in the Halloween containers…

    Okay, so as long as the prices for the bundles are reasonable, I might be tempted…

  4. Gg man is beautifull camo

  5. sell black camos job done who would want to buy a black ship

  6. Woah, that free exp.

  7. so many black friday container and not even 1 ship? I think I will skip this one.

    • He had the ships already, drop chance is pretty decent actually. If you don’t care which of the ships you get i’d say its worth it

  8. Oh look racial diversity

  9. 15 Black-Friday-Container’s and no black ship inside? I think the RNG-God hates you like me xD

  10. Oh, I have to get these camos

  11. Duplicates are slowly a pain in the ass, right?

  12. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    …best looking ship in black is the Kaba and the Udaloi. Check it out!

  13. my bike is missing already

  14. Hab aus 24 Containern die Schwarze Atago und Massachussets mit je 10er Kaptain bekommen, sehr zufrieden

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The black on Tirpitz looks like he got a Black Hussar lol

  16. opened 2 containers got the 10 camo and masachusets black

  17. I got the Mass. B but it didnt come with any permanent camo, any thoughts?

  18. dummes bot game habs runtergeschmiessen reines grp game alein nur mit bots unterwegs kannste knicken

  19. Thats alot of free xp xD

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