Black Friday 2021: Highlights | World of Warships

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Congratulations to the winners of the «Armada. Tulsa»:
    EU – Hynkinz
    ASIA – FuSooRaaah
    NA – Malefleur
    You will obtain the reward within the following week.

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  2. Personally, I think that it’s unfair to those players who bought Yoshino with coals that WOWS decided to sell Yoshino-B in golds, given that Yoshino is a Tier 10 ship

  3. 조지아 B가 나왔어야 했는데 ㅠㅠㅜㅜ

  4. Admuralcain Pegasus

    Bagged Exeter from a Black Friday box on sale! Nice

  5. Last year I got lucky and got a Black Tirpitz B on my second Black Friday container ( the only two of those containers I even earned and didn’t purchase). However last year, after getting the black ship, you got a mission to do with the NORMAL version of the ship, which I didn’t have. Sounds like they have fixed that issue this time.

  6. Looks awesome

  7. The tulsa episode was very informative


  8. Why not add permanent black friday camo to the ships that are eligible to receive them? I have the Atago, Alaska, Massachusettes, Lo Yang, Scharnhorst and Tirpitz in my inventory (all regular ships not black friday). Why spend so much dubloon for a black friday container for a chance at them ships When I already have them? You should be given an option to purchase the permanent black friday camo during the black friday time frame much like the christmas camo OR a Special mission that rewards a black friday permanent camo for all eligible ships pertaining to the black friday fleet. Its sad that I wont get the Black Friday ships this time around as its outside my payday window. Would be nice if they can extend it to COB 30NOV. only one can hope.

  9. at least they finally wised up and disclosed the odds, however i am still skeptical about what ship will drop first (likely shcarnhorst/sims)

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      Containers work this way. The first roll is to determine which reward in the list you will get, this is the probability we disclose in the graphic.
      If the first roll selects a “group” like the Ship category, then there is a second roll to determine which ship.
      For all items in one of these groups, you have an equal chance to drop it. For example; there are 16 black ships obtainable in the Ship group of these containers. So each of them has 6.25% chances to drop. (1/16), if you don’t own any black ship yet.
      If you already have some black ships, the ones you own will not drop. So the chance for the remaining ships become (let’s say you own two) 1/14 , so 7.14%

      I hope this was clear?

    • @World of Warships Official Channel yes it would be helpful if this was explained on the webpage

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      @Patraic Emery This is explained in the link provided just below the infographic, on the articles pages. But I’ll forward it, perhaps make it clearer on the infographic aswell.

  10. just went to the armory and got the two first chain bundles

  11. I got the black Massachusetts from a crate once. Thank goodness because I’d never pay so much for a skin for a model that just slides around on a flat plane.

  12. Love the skins…where’s Dasha?

  13. so many discounts, now we just need so many dollars

  14. Let’s go, some of my fav ships are back- but will enterprise ever be a black ship?

  15. But….no BF deals on purchasing Doubloons to even participate with any of these promotions??

  16. So we need the standard ship and the black version of it to get the 2500 DB mission?

  17. All of these Black versions are beautiful ships. Kudos to the art Dept. I have been lucky enough to get 3 from the mission containers to date over the years. Fingers crossed for more luck this year!
    Good Hunting all!

  18. There is a marker on the video GeForce Experience overlays in the lower right corner of the screen.

  19. Bought Yoshino with coal 2 weeks ago , bought 2 containers and I get another Yoshino lol


    Next Year Can You’s Please Put TIRPITZ B On The Consoles 😃

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