Black in Ranked – World of Warships

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Black in Ranked…see what I did there? Back in Black? ACDC? No?

Okey xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

There is not amount of carry you can pull sometimes to help your team win.

However, at the end of the day, some teams srsly do not deserve to win so it makes it easier to bear.

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  1. God thanks that I’m not involved in this video.
    Guys: It is not that funny to play against Flambass. You’ll probably lose.
    Edit: especially if you play Östergötland against Black.

  2. And even the old man wouldn’t notice the difference between a Tirpitz and a Bismarck… 😉

    • ​@AKUJIRULE Those torpedoes were more than 4 km from the Buffalo. Buffalo can’t hydro torpedoes that far out. 3.5 km max.

    • @Patrick Beeley uhm this battle was at 2:45 PM. How the heck can somebody sleep until 2 PM? Only if he had a hardcore party to 5 AM. But this was a week ago 18th of February so it was Thursday. How ….?

    • Gonzalo Javier Gimenez

      @AKUJIRULE theres no way the buffalo detect those torps, ergo the tirpitz never knew about it till his own detection range, these torpedoes are harder to detect than most others found on Tier IX destroyers (0.9km detection radius). When you saw this torps, is too late already

    • @Gonzalo Javier Gimenez Uhm…. he launched the torps while being hydro detected…. doesnt matter where the hydro came from, if the dd firing the torps is detected by hydro, then so are the torpedos he is firing… no?

      Edit: Just reviewed, he got hydro detected shortly after firing them… so they could idd be undetected for the tirpitz…

    • @ken van passen Hydro doesn’t have the same range for ships and torpedoes. Buffalo’s hydro detects ships at 5km, but can only detect torps at 3.5km. If the DD firing torps is detected by hydro at 5km, he can fire torps and those won’t be detected since the hydro only spots them at 3.5km.

  3. the enemy team diddnt had an bismarck, it was an tirpitz w/o hydro, the buffalo was around 4km away so he spotted you with hydro but probably not your torps.

  4. Tirpitz with Hydro? LOL!!

  5. Jingles landing now Jingles spotting

  6. lol enemy buffallo is more “active” on chat than in game

  7. Black doesn’t have torpedoes, that are moving sea mines…

  8. The Derpitz did what Derpitzes do. Giving complete broadside to get torps away at a closing in BB.
    Very smart move.

  9. MyopicAutisticMetal

    he was driving me crazy till the end because I thought for sure that was a Tirpitz. even still says it as he reads Tirpitz in the battle results.

  10. Yeah Jingles would have a nice laugh too. Especially since that “Bismarck” had a rather distinctive Tirpitz name on it. 😉

  11. Thanks for the upload! Really kept my motivation to play wows going over the last 5 months without a computer and now im back on it! Ty Flambino

  12. I have found the standard of ranked gameplay this time round to be total garbage. Maybe because i didn’t bother playing last round and all the good players are in silver/gold. But almost every game iv been in most of the players have no idea what they should be doing.

    • Especially radar cruisers… Had Talin and Alaska in 2 different games go hide behind islands where they weren’t in any radar range of caps and go radaring LOL
      Checked out Talin, 10400 games and 44%WR LOL

  13. This is what wargaming wants, totally brain dead players at high tiers, they really dont want good players in random (i know this is ranked, nowadays its almost the same thing)

  14. So, Flambass is becoming Jingles? Confusing Bisko with her sister? Bruh!?

  15. those torpedoes have a 43 knot speed! most of the French line can go faster and a Fletcher with a speed flag and boost activated can out run them (for comparison, the worst fletcher torpedo has a 55 knot speed, and does about 600 less damage and the upgrade torpedoes go 66 knots and do 2K more damage, but both are about 3-4 km less in range)

    • Fletcher isn’t that fast, but Benson is (only barely). Fletcher does 36.5 kts base, which works out to a maximum (with flag and speed boost) of 41.3 kts, while Benson does 38 kts base (or 43.1 kts max). Also Black torpedoes hit HARD. They do over 21k damage, only ~2k shy of Shima torps, and 2k more than Fletcher’s upgraded torpedoes which do around 19k.
      All-in-all, the biggest counter to Black torps is hydro. Since they’re so slow and hydro spots all torps at the same range, the slower torps (like Black’s) suffer the most.

  16. That salt in game chat lmao

  17. The chat was gold! I enjoyed reading it more than waiting for those moving mines to hit enemy ships sailing in straight lines.

  18. haha. Well Im sure by now you’ve been well informed it was a Tirpitz, therefore no hydro. Probably the Buffalo and those torps were probably just outside his range so not detected.

  19. Feels like you’ve been bited by The Old Man, and turned into were_Jingles_wolf, cause Tirpitz doesn’t have a hydro 😉 but anyway the playstile of reds is rather questionable.

  20. “The first game and this is what it is going to be like”

    See how that tune changes when you are on the other side of that coin KEKEKEKEKEKE

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