#blameFlambass ;) Moskva hard push on 2 Brothers || World of Warships

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  1. Love the gameplay

  2. I remember in one of Flambass’ video where I challenged him to push through the middle with this very squishy Yamato sized boat.
    So what’s the next challenge?
    A Hakuryu?

  3. I was in a game yesterday with no CVs and I was being pushed into running the middle on that basis..I didnt we won,…next game same map,no CV’s, a DD came up the middle and I sank him straight away…the gap is death…

  4. Джанбулат Дж

    Гитлер капут

  5. I like it but why not use premium consumables?

  6. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Where is “speshuuuul tactic”??:)

  7. Description Player :
    2 Brothers…. middle gap…. what more to say? plenty of noobs that go down the middle on both teams, broadsiding cruisers and battleships and awesome teamplay on our team helped us snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!
    p.s. #blameFlambass 😉

    note the auto enable on the consumables was off for some reason so i used standard ones unknowingly …. still more than what i needed to do the job!

  8. Which idiot thought that was a good idea…..khm…I mean….brilliant tactical maneuver there xD

    All jokes aside, without those 2 BBs pushing down the middle I think you would have significant problems obtaining B cap cause the resistance there seemed fierce and friendly team seems slow (as usual) to overrun an easy flank. However in the moments of them going through the middle I would have prefered seeing them staying on the right flank and help to defend or delay rather, the enemy push. Afterall it turned out to be very helpful.
    Than that last middle push back in the middle again was a bit funny, gg wp 😉

    • Flambass you’re officially a meme now lol.

    • Nigel Milne hahahah

    • so many times I see people go mid now with the phrase “It works for Flambass” then they die 30s later lol. funniest I ever saw was 3 tirpitz together in a div attacking my team while I was in my benson. i torped at them as they pushed all the way out. 1st one died from my torps the 2nd ate one torp and repairs the flood. i smoked up and starting hitting the 2nd trying to get a fire.the 3rd pushes out a few seconds later and fired his torps that then hit the 2nd of them. he goes pink instantly. the one he hit now has flooding again and slowly dies from it. the pink one is also lossing his health from the flood damage he caused and dies too. 3 mins in 3 tirpitz dead and one of them in chat says “Fuck flambass” i could barely play the rest of the match I was laughing so hard. wish i had the replay of it to send you.

  9. Where is the push? Where is hard?

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