Blind shot Kraken during typhoon – MINIMAP SNIPE || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. first.
    nice work, Pasch! keep it going!

  2. Gute alte Musik von Wot <3

  3. I love this map aim thing i got too many kills and hits with it

  4. 15:31 the blind salvo

  5. Another video where everyone goes full broadside for you, how much do you bribe these crap players to try make you look good?

  6. Amazing! shots.

  7. 11:15
    Same Blind shot from Saint Loise…
    also 11:44 blind shot from enemy Montana..
    Meaning lots of people are trying this in current typhoon meta

  8. Mmm not really impressed, with the minimap reticle this so called “blind shots” really lack that WOW impression from previous real blind shots, nice one anyway

  9. Sorry to Say but Montana with 30s not worth so use reload module it’s better and thé Khaba played well

  10. Excelente partida

  11. Wow back camper BB so old !

  12. Broadside Ships, under 10km Range. I wish i would have this too in a Match. With Monti against Tier VIII Ships its a real Present 😀

  13. world of tanks crap u shoot random and kill someone what a bs

  14. you need a new keyboard with a working R

  15. If you are unskilled at adding audio, don’t post a vid.

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