BOAT BROTHERS Anatoli and Boris – World of Warships

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Come get in game, free to play, fun to play –
of Warships is a MMO game developed by Wargaming. With over 300 ships to choose from, you get bored. Click link to get and credits. Only for new registered members on the Wargaming site.
They keep the kvass flowing and potato growing. Thanks.

About Life of Boris:
Welcome to Life of Boris YouTube channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
Stay cheeki breeki!

Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat – Snakes in Tracksuits

Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem


  1. the only channel that makes me feel good for living in a poor country.

    • @The Arbiter Yes , it’s YOUR view of life , not mine. And it’s YOUR opinion. With money yo buy hapiness and things to entertain yourself. My view on life is different and you should understand that not everyone has the same opinion as you do.

    • @Cool Cat you are right but money to me does not mater to what matters are my Bois and happiness and freedom(rideing our bikes like maniacs) you are right but what is more important than money is health so have that in mind I’m not trying to be mean everyone has their opinions you are right about that but it’s not about entertainment for me it’s my friends so go out play football or ride a bike if you can if it’s possible

    • Dont worry comrade still number 1 in the balkans

    • Isnt greece still has a lot of Tanks

    • @Andreas Gkitakos who?

  2. the best collab after the Russo-Japanese war!

  3. 0:20 bruh I thought I was being pinged because I was away

  4. “This video makes me feel nostalgia now”

  5. Stop asking the Slav king for a face reveal he will do one when he’s ready

    • Face reveal is not gonna happen, there was a petition i think years ago whether he will do a face reveal or it will stay a “mystery forever” and i think like 54% Voted not to do a face reveal so the slav king will forever remain a mystery.

      you can see the result of the vote in his older videos, i think its the 1mil subscriber celebration video but idk

      edit: check out his video “how to celebrate like a slav” the results in the end.

    • Plot twist, there IS NO face under the Balaclava, only ANOTHER BALACLAVA!

    • @weldonwin Now I can’t sleep thinking about that.

    • @weldonwin Didn’t he do this in a previous vid?

    • @Whammytap And underneith, he was Uamee

    The crew: °_°

  7. The ‘COUSIN!’ at the beginning was absolutely blyatiful

  8. I think i speak for all of us when i say we want more of Anatoli

  9. “I am. This is my training.”

    I need to find the sign up sheet for this-

  10. “This is my training” : D

  11. He’s sounding more Russian today

  12. Goblin King of The Darkstorm galaxy

    “Okay, so we use ACTUAL TACTICS THIS TIME!”
    * Cousin floats over *
    “Okay, so this time we use Cheeki Breeki superpowers”

  13. Always nice to know
    Boris was shooting with his Orlan:
    “Molotov cocktails”

  14. “You cannot attack ship with plane”

    oh Boris how we wish you were right.

    • murkywater adminssions

      Boris haven’t experienced the REAL Wows yet…
      *year of the CEEVEE intensifies*

    • Kamikaze: am I a joke to you?

    • for real aircrafts were the most effective way in dealing with ships before ballistic missiles became a thing especially the fact that planes can be armed with variety of weapons like bombs, torpedoes, 30mil cannons and even depth charges

    • Ah so everyone thinks the comment was talking about real life lol. *Laughs* *in* *Skycancer*

    • murkywater adminssions

      this is wargaming, not real life
      Enterprise can nearly one-shot you with a well placed AP bomb
      Smolensk has the RPM of a Machine gun
      Des Moines can carry the team if it’s a competent player who’s using it
      the list goes on and on about WEEGEE’s stupid gimmicks it’s hilarious

  15. Ship: Is on fire
    Boris: « Let’s make some shashnik! »

  16. The way Boris pronounces “bullets” brings a smile to my face.


  17. We seriously need a “Cooking with Warship” video

  18. Boris:“You can not attack boat with plane!,WHAT SORT OF CIRCUS IS THIS”

    Pearl harbour 1941: What the Блять

  19. Calling ships “Floating device”
    This is blyatiful comrade Boris!

  20. Anatoli: “We are out of torpedoes!”
    Boris: “Just load some Doctor’s Sausage!”

    • No, bad plan, that would make the enemy invincible. You can load sailors Vadim and Igor instead, the crew will be grateful 😀

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