Boring until its not – World of Warships

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2 Very exp clans that both participated in CBs and KotS multiple times are now fighting in qualifications.

Map is Loop, which is known to be boring at 1st but when shit hits the fans, it hits the fans xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. damn just wake up from a nap and seen this “3 minutes ago”…..damn

  2. Terry Pratchett would say there there was “a one in a million chance “of getting torped during a risky turn 😀

    • That happens 9 times out of 10. One of my favourite Pratchett quotes.

    • @Sorarse But you have to make it excactly one in a million.
      I also loved how Cohen the Barbarian met The Lady rolling 7 on a D6. (Or did she “only” roll a 6? It’s been a while.)

  3. Thanks flambass for joining our game, i was realy hyped when i saw you in the lobby.

  4. I just want to share my last battle. It was a lowtier match with devonshire where i killed the entire squadron of dds within about two-three minutes. First I slapped gaede twice to the death in close quarters, then I slapped visby while destroying one of his torp tubes. He tried to escape me afterwards, but i rammed him from behind like a true memelord and on the next reload I took a finishing pot shot on the last dd, that beached a bit farther from me.

  5. But there was never really any doubt that Gurka would win, they had positioning and took the early game HP lead, and then had a burst of luck which sealed it. Xtrem were always reacting to Gurka, not proactively countering them.

  6. KOTS?
    Damn I’d like the entire stream uploaded to be honest.

  7. 4:20 sounds like a documentary about wild life slowly returning to a previously exploited landscape. 😀

  8. When the official streamer doesn’t know what is banned, that’s when you get thinking…

  9. Didn’t kwnow about the 6sec of radar… Good to know.. Thx mate

    • Not visible but pretty sure they do show up on minimap. So other ships can aim and get ready, they don’t have to wait 6 secs for that.

  10. I was surprised to see that kind of diverse setups. Then they mentioned the bans.
    Glad they did that.

  11. GURKA had the momentum since the beginning, well deserved victory. But I must admit that final push from XTREM was veeery nice and smoth.

  12. Damn what a match

  13. 1st ten min is spent hiding and praying to RNG, at the end we find out who had their prayers answered.

  14. For these replays it would be nice to have some sort of indication of if a ship is spotted or not

  15. Just a suggestion; why not put two maps up (red map and green maps)so that we can see who is spotted at all times.

  16. Yesterday yamato took me out with one shot full health. I was playing Petro. Everybody was laughing…

  17. Wow, that tip about the radar taking 6 seconds to spot for the team is the first time I have ever heard that. That is going to really change what i do once I am radared. Thank you!

  18. Yah I have the worst luck with eating torps. I move from an island just in time to hit torps. Wait 5 seconds and no torps

  19. Hi Flambass I have a dumb question, Did you Aquire the Mighty Jingles Captain ingame? Just wondering what you think of him as captain

  20. “I’m old Greg, I got a mangina.”

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