BOT NOOOOO, DON’T CAP KILL ALL – World of Warships

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K. Albert is next ship in line for improvement and yes you can get good results in it just like in any other ship but I’m not really sure what everyone was crazy about when it comes to this ship. This was a pain, this battle not so much, but other before it, ufff.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Swiggety swot. Your worst nightmare is a bot >o>

  2. It’s hard to hit anything in the lower tiers. GG! Have a nice week.

  3. at least it’s better than a Bastion getting a Kraken

  4. Next, sub main

  5. That dispersion is making me so unbelievably angry

  6. When will Flambass get to bettering his Montana score??? Hmmm

  7. At 11:00 where is the bot Bellerophon going??? Does he have a game on the next map over to play?

  8. His mission is stat padding. So if the low tier ship or ship that he doesn’t like has low stats, he must use it until his stats improve

  9. I don’t watch that much WoWS content anymore but these stat-padding games in a bunch of unpopular ships have been thoroughly entertaining. Ignore the salty trolls in the comments lol

  10. I just love to watch these funny low tier battles.

  11. I had the same problem in my Fuso last night. Had a full broadside battleship 2-3 km away, I watched as my shots went WILD in a full circle around him end got 1 overpen. I got citadeled. Major rage quit moment.

  12. nice and fun to watch you do this stuff 😀

  13. Lower tier BB pain.
    Always miss or always overpen.

  14. Do you have King Albert in a can? Then let him out!

  15. @Arisudev That and the game is getting boring and this is a way to spice things up.

  16. For me, Flambass is the best entertainer for WoWs.

  17. CV main?? He hates playing them

  18. @Kyle Roach-Smith its a joke back then when he play eagle too much and enjoy it

  19. Gunther Lutgens on a Koenig Albert. . . Next play Halsey driving a PT Boat.

  20. The last 2 minutes (give or take) I was saying to myself to ram. Get the kill, get the Kraken, and deny the bots that capture

  21. We need the joke of do you have King Albert in a can for this, because Flambass got suffocated on his Kraken before he could get out!

    And for those of you too young to understand the reference, it’s an old joke that plays off of purchasing pipe tobacco.

  22. Tier III Flambass: “I play to farm”. Tier II bot: “I play to win”.

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