Bourgogne (0.7.9) / “Beware the Swiss Navy”

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Today’s obscure history reference is brought to you, as ever, by my brain being weird. So, no surprises there then.


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  1. Ah… Dasha commander in French ship speaking Russian. Charming. 🙂

  2. She has 4km more range than the Alsace. But since AP damage drops off so much, I’m not sure whether that is actually an advantage…going dark after combat is made more difficult when the whole map can see you for 20 long seconds.

  3. “…you will run out if you’re not careful.” Well…yeah. 🙂

  4. Worth noting is some changes for the Bourgogne coming in, she is getting her own AA suite, having her entire auxiliary armament suite being replaced with the models replaced with the equivalent makes found on the Republique. This also includes the relevant gun directors and range finders for all these auxiliary weapons.

  5. What a shock, you are not pink in this battle ;-). Greetings from the annoying yama in your Tirpitz battle yesterday.

  6. Personally I’ve found Alsace the most frustrating tier 9 BB to play. the guns practically refuse to behave. Honestly I’m spec’d into nearly full secondary build (I did take some survival stuff) just so I have some ability to actually do damage to the enemy, because good god I can’t rely on my main guns.

    Well, that’s not true. at close range (anything below, say, 12-10km) they can and do land solid hits, but beyond that range, its a crapshoot. it’s like the barrels are at the end of their service life and worn out, they pattern so badly.

    EDIT: so…just to illustrate my experience: you know the sequence where you’re engaging the zao with the reload booster on? On the Alsace, that’s basically every time you pull the trigger. It’s down to luck and RNG whether you hit, not how good your aim is. In a way it reminds me of old-style artillery in WoT.

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