BOURGOGNE 258 774 DAMAGE 8 KILLS || World of Warships

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  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    Das is yo kommanda Hans!

  2. Dang

  3. Do a ramming compilation

  4. Use the destroyer with the fastest reload in toros and span them

  5. *Mr Flambass’s toast*

  6. Well, in the end Flambass prevailed and didnt even die, couldnt save his victory tho.

  7. Gets 8 kills and carries team.
    Goes for Flambass knowing full well if he dies they’ll win.
    Team: OmG wORld oF ThRowS

    • no. if you look at time remaining and points at that point in the game and did the math you would realize that we do not need to kill Flambass to win. all that had to happen was no more deaths. BUT by chasing a DD in a BB you always run the risk of eating a bunch of torps. Which happened. and world of throws…bc if the Mino just ran team Flambass would have won on points. And the Harugumo at the start decided to yolo a Minotaur+Benhem behind an Island. Team Flambass Montana decided it was a good idea to sail full broadside at 5 km and got devastated and so on. This game was just throws on both sides all the way through. Yes the guy in the vid got 8 kills and good damage. He played good. BUT he threw away his ship in the end and almost risked an L. I mean he spotted Flambass there and had a shot at killing him but realistically Flambass should never have been spotted in that situation.

  8. Well played Shailo. Well done bro. I was waiting on this replay to come here since I watched flambass’s point of view

  9. Sons of Odin World of warships

    Nice game, I would have pushed for the 9th kill as well. Be pretty gay not too.

  10. The Ugly Barnacle

    This game isn’t about skills anymore. It’s about which team can throw harder.

  11. well in the end it was not throw 😛

  12. 1ctrlaltdelete1

    That Peppa guy, sounds very arrogant. He didn’t even said anything good about that carried him to the win.

  13. He was quite lucky repairing all these single fires… Could have gotten him into a lot of trouble

  14. Nice. 10k stone left.

  15. Flambass must be raging again. ?

  16. May be if he used heal instead of repair he would have survived. Nice carry.

  17. delko zlatanski

    Hi is just a pro player. That’s it.

  18. No screenshots?

  19. Oh man, I remember this match
    I still don’t understand how can a team throw 3 kills lead, something like 700 points advantage and all caps to none…
    What seemed like an easy win turned into a full fledged disbelief.
    GG WP to mister carry pants here ofc 😉

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