Bourgogne / 335k dmg / 3000+ base exp / secondary build || World of Warships

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  1. As of patch 7.11 this ship is out for 30k steel…..enjoy.

  2. More than half of the enemy broadsided for no reason to this ship…
    An angled Yamato with some game knowledge can sh*t on Bourgogne for ever

  3. How’d he citadel an angled Montana?

  4. Musanix - World of Warships

    I don’t get the point of doing a video about the old version of Bourgogne…. the new one has different AA/Sec setup

    • yes ^^ but the “new” / final version is still under NDA until release. this is why we call it Work in Progress
      there are changes but the ship is very similar to this version. best regards

  5. for all who hate THIS and other ships to be “steel” Ships :
    Warships Development Blog:

    ” Dear players!
    Steel is a valuable resource that is used to unlock rare ships. At the moment it is awarded only to active participants of Clan and Ranked battles.
    After adding steel to the game, we received many requests to make it more obtainable. This is understandable, because not everyone has the opportunity to play in competitive modes effectively and regularly.
    To celebrate the New Year we have prepared 4 game events, and by participating in them you will get a lot of great prizes, including some steel.
    This doesn’t mean that we are now planning to constantly create events like this, but it’s the New Year and as you know, this is a time for surprises.”

    so i hope much steel for more of us incoming ! =) best regards Pasch

  6. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Horrible misplay at the end, should have kept an eye on the kurfurst and finished him off. also, secondary build, most of secondaries are knocked out…

  7. It’s not the new version!

  8. love the vids ……. old versions, new versions, anything in progress ……… whatever. Awesome job

  9. What’s the System requirements to play this game🤔like the ram..

  10. What controller are you using or are you on a laptop?
    Thinking about playing…

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