Bourgogne – 339k dam – Crazy ending, dodging enemy carrier || World of Warships

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  1. Corum Jaelhen Irsei

    5th !

  2. This player isn’t even that good from looking at this video, he got really lucky with players rushing him broadside and the cv not finishing him off. Some of his shots were aimed pretty poorly, there was potential for a bigger game here but wp nonetheless

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      nice summarized, plus the fact – AP shooting on bow-on targets, I was laughing after the Roon ( 27mm – no owermatch ) bounces :)))
      Just trying to explain for myself, the bow-on superlucky cita on the GK… That was fkng strange.

    • Kristof Kolumbus you see what I mean.

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      +Jack Munro-Cox ofc, I am currently also “Bourgogne-main” and you could see my Bourgogne replay here aswell, more by Arctica channel. But this… just another lucky guy.

    • Kristof Kolumbus yep, he had a the luck going for him lol

  3. Murillo Mota Alves

    he cidadel GK by bow… i duno its possible
    And 4 cidadel on single salvo… after dodge a lot of bombs… RNG help him a lot

    • Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

      No, sí que se puede hacer. Yo le he hecho ciudadelas a toda la línea de acorazados alemanes, solo que es muy complicado, cuestión de suerte. El obús tiene que entrar por el puente, alrededor de las torretas principales y caer sobre la ciudadela.

      Lo dicho, cuestión de suerte.

    • Like the other answer says, it’s possible, sometimes if you aim their front turrets the shell just plunges the barbette and reach the cit… Not so often but possible, i did that with amagi, izumo, yammy, and alabama on kurfust, friedrich and bismark. The most strange cit ever seen is the monty conning tower… Sometimed you hit and get a cit ?

    • +jotasmail Plus thee is a tiny spot on the nose where the armor is not higher than 32 and is flat so it can be penetrated, but you’ve got to have an insane luck for one shell to go through that spot.

  4. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

    Nice match, though he shoots REPEATEDLY too ahead of target. He has a low self control and too excitement.

    • It’s what you call “Lead”????

    • Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

      +Jojo Divas

      Too much lead. First salvo on amagi should have obliterated it, but he missed all.

      And he did the same on GK several times.

    • Ginés Ladrón de Guevara well true, those are some. But the rest of his shots are pretty good. You gotta remember also that french guns at the game are rather lazy once they reach to the target. So more lead has to be done on the french’s line.

    • Ginés Ladrón de Guevara

      +Jojo Divas

      He shot well, I agree. But it seems he got too excited at some point 😛

    • Ginés Ladrón de Guevara yeah. I laughed a bit when Hakuryu appeared the player just shot the salvo without thinking. Other than that WP though.

  5. Most op ship ı think

    • Has only 380 mm guns, lots of tier 8-10 cruisers can bow tank that. The ship is only good when on enemy’s broadsides just like Alsace and Jean bart.

  6. Great match there. Bourgogne shining like a Supernova.

  7. Kurios_aka_ JanWinter

    WTF… Citadell in front of the GKF?
    ??? My goodness….
    And Reload Booster is so OP… by the Jean Bert, too…

  8. Epic!!!!
    Haven’t seen such a good match in years 🙂

  9. wtf was that citadel right there bois

  10. Seems like it has good AA

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