Bourgogne 8Kills 290k dmg loss || World of Warships

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  1. Bourgogne worth it? ^^

  2. What was that report for at the beginning? Other than that great game 🙂

  3. Мало серебра…..

  4. How I get it?

  5. Court martial for the rest of the team, obviously.

  6. credit earning seems low

    • t10 ‘premiums’ don’t have the credit coeficient like the t9 premiums do. They should really be classified as reward ships because they make around what a t10 makes with a permanent camouflage. Nothing close to what a Missouri/Kronstadt/Musashi earns.

    • But it’s repair cost is half of the Tier 10 ships that is without the camo

  7. what ripper game, that french AP hits hard !!

  8. tier x?

  9. Magnifique bataille!

  10. That Monty and Tirpitz should get ban to play 1 month in coop only !!

  11. He probably resented his teammates.

  12. stefanos perivolaris

    this is a real fact that players dont wait to learn the game at t8 first…they just grind to get the “better” t10 ships
    with full ignorance about how u play t10 battles but hey they are crying about t8 mm in t10

  13. here’s me being told french ships are weak. Or really good angling. Or both. good game

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