Bourgogne absolut BEAST || 326K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. Ah tupical lemming get surrounded as usual nice play

  2. French power ! (I’m french ^^)

  3. I’m not a fan of that Yamato KS though he probably got pissed that two broadside shots gave 0 citadels. Also he seem to randomly use the reload booster at less than opportune moments where you can punish broadsides.

  4. God I hate it when players zoom in to shoot and zoom out for the fall of shot….smh

  5. Good ship this alsace….oops

  6. What’s the pic supposed to mean? Parlè!?

    • Parley is a discussion or conference, especially one between enemies over terms of a truce or other matters. The word is derived from French parler, “to speak”.

      During the 18th and 19th centuries, attacking an enemy during a parley was considered one of the grossest breaches of the rules of war.

    • Yes, in french we have the word “pourparlers” (literally “For speaking”) to mean “negotiate/debate with enemies”

  7. Velveeta is strong with this one

  8. Quite the killsteal with the yamato, not really fair

  9. Is there one reason to take bourgogne over Stalingrad?

  10. well played, and also noob server awsome!

  11. 30 k steal for bad dispersion and sigma? Easy to play against potato’s . 2 HE spammers and ur history. Past and copy ships .

  12. Nice game. Cool ship, might get it


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