Bourgogne EU Record ? World of Warships

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  1. EU damage record is 372K. But still a great game. Thumbs up

  2. Klar, ist ja auch mein clanmember lul

  3. I like that concept of “French Revenge”

  4. Very good match ! Both teams played very well overall and he made the difference.
    Other record matches often include terrible gameplay on both sides.

  5. lol he looked back when firing at the roon and turning away =))) he was like that shot would have got him but no =)))

  6. Lucky guy! Driving 90% of the time broadside to every enemy and jesus those last Roon still firing HE on the broadside Bourgogne…

    • Ingrimmsch Boindil you think 203 guns can citadel a broadside BB? If you’re on another BB then yes you can. But not on those 203s or plunging fire

    • +Jojo Divas no you can not citadel a kurfürst, montana or conquerer close range. You can get one one the republique but i dont know how. The only BB left with a high cidatel is the Yamato.

    • Ingrimmsch Boindil you can citadel tier 8-10 french bbs at close range, and I’ve done it with my disgusting Fr Der Grosse several times. Once I was brawling an Alsace, got 3 citadels from my salvo though. Tricky but you can do it. Pretty much I aim at the very low of their hull(a perfek broadside), BUT, with your camera zoom out AND, brawling range below 2.5-3 km. I sometimes experiment with my FDG on my own lobby shooting the Republi and got 6-7 citadels using that trick.

      True you can’t citadel the currywurst, monty or conqek at close ranges. Well you can citadel the currywurst if it is on plunging fire. Done it several times with the Bismarck. And for those 2, you have something else to shoot when you can’t citadel them at close ranges. Either the upper belt, or the guns. Both brits and usa’s guns are easily knocked down and destroyed, so would prefer if you do that(when you’re in a bad situation though.)

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Ingrimmsch Boindil Republique can be citadeled from under the front turret at about 45 degree angle. Kurfurst has a small thin part of the bow armor that someone in Youtube shows it with Moskva’s guns. Montana can be citadeled at extremely close range, and aim at the bottom of the superstructure, but you need to scroll zoom until you get the gun camera.

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing means in a normal game, from a normal player it is impossible. But nice informatin thanks.

  7. tier X chat. Fun and engaging. One more step and we can attain WoT standards

  8. What build is he using?

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