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  1. what you say about the new french BB ? i have to say – i like it after my first round – more testing and replays soon !

  2. tier X with 380mm? It’s going to be crap.

  3. Eh, pretty much Alsace before the nerf. Pass.

  4. absolut unnötiges Schiff.
    Man nerft die Standartschiffe und führt dann die Gleichen Schiffe als überpowereder Premium wieder ein…. Absoluter Schwachsinn

  5. João Pedro Couto Cruz

    For a moment I though it was an alternative TX BB with the 450mm guns. Unfortunately I was wrong…

  6. Pre-nerf Alsace with a gimmicky boost that turns her into Stalingrad for 30 sec. Not impressed.

  7. Nothing more than a T10 Alsace….now we know why they nerfed the Alsace..

    • Wasn’t the Jean Bart enough reason XD

    • yeah they nerfed the Alsace cos everyone loved it & played it a shit ton more than the shithole Republic!

    • +KiwiVoodoo exactly, cant agree more, now they re trying to fix the design mistakes from the Rep and making us PAY for it one way or another… BRILLIANT!

    • KiwiVoodoo
      You are absolutely right, a Republique, apart from being junk, it is also a glass cannon against a Kurfurst or against a Montana with an experienced captain, given that almost any decent battleship captain would know where to aim correctly to disable the turrets of a Republique or, even destroy them. In addition, with 32 millimeters of shielding covering it on all sides, it is a giant target for cruisers that abuse HE Spam (such as the Zao or the Worcester, even more if they have the ability of IFHE in their commanders), and for the height of the evils, has a citadel the size of Monte Pelee itself …

  8. Musanix - World of Warships

    What I see is just an Alsace with a gimmick.
    The accuracy is still mediocre and the ship is looking identical to the Alsace. I was hoping somes changes for the superstructure (make something like Jean Bart)

    Overall I was hyped for this ship, but I’m dissapointed. Hopes for good changes

    • I had the same thought on her exterior.
      A slightly reconstructed updated version of Alsace with the Jean Bart look.
      Update her light AA to resemble that of the Republique.
      Even the USS Missouri’s look was updated to her Korean War scheme.
      Musashi was made according to her original design and differed compared to Yamato.
      Apparently Wargaming doesn’t want to go the extra mile anymore to make a premium worth paying for.

    • +tamenga88 musashi does look diffrent tho

  9. Versenkt sich die Nervpitz, denn jetzt endlich zum Rundenstart automatisch selbst? 😛

  10. Alsace on Tier 10 witrh a small gimmick. Wow Wargaming, you guys reached a new low. Nerfing the researchable ship to reintroduce a better one as a premium…

    • Bogusław Korochoda

      TheScania1991 premium ships as the name say, should be better than the normal from tech tree.

    • +Bogusław Korochoda ikr, but they should’ve given her a HP buff and something else instead of lowering the already bad 1.8 sigma of the Alsace down to a horrid 1.6 and giving this Premium the old 1.8 sigma.

    • First off. This is not the first time they nerf the non premium ship ad add the old variant as a premium ship.

      Second: Premium ships are NOT (as stated by Wg themselves) supposed to be an better variant of the standard version but a slightly different one. As we all know by know, this is utterly bullshit.

  11. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    A pre-nerfed gimmick Alsace.
    I wish WG gave us the true Super Alsace. Aka with 4×4 380mm guns.

    • Chris Gaming
      On the other hand, the citadel of the Yamato class has the thickest armor of the game, but it is as big as Mount Fuji itself … while the citadels of Conquetor, Grosser Kurfurst and Montana are conveniently hidden behind a back armor of turtle or under the line of flotation … Republique barely has any of that.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Alex Gonzalez Republique has 60mm turtleback – she is harder to citadel than US Battleships even British Battleships (with the exception of conqueror).

      Yamato technically – should have her citadel as low as Montana/Iowa in her engines/boiler sections (shielded by a thin 18mm plating).
      However Yamato’s gunpowder/magazine citadel – should remain as high as they currently are as they were well above waterline and did not feature a final 18mm plating.

      And Alex Gonzales for the last time the French 450mm beat IJN 460mm in penetration easily and is certified T11 Artillery.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      BUT, it happens that that turtle back does not protect the barbette from the main turrets, so they are exposed to being incapacitated or even destroyed with a dry shot of AP shells of battleship at point-blank range, especially if it comes from a Montata or a Conquetor , and also it is exposed by the bow to be damaged by shots that overmatch the bow on the part of a Musashi / Yamato.
      And that is not the greatest of evils, it is the array of main weapons that force this ship to show its citadel when it tries to use all its main battery and is left to suffer blows with severe damage, or even blows in the citadel especially if an enemy battleship is waiting for such movement by a Republique.
      Combined with the fact that if you lose a turret, the ship is doomed because it loses half of its firepower, and I do not tell you if this ship hits a salvo or more High Explosive shells from a Conquetor or from a Montana … since with that the Republique will lose 1/3 or half of its antiaircraft or secondary mouths.

    • France had some pretty insane gun proposals.
      A 340mm 60 caliber long gun that should put the Stalingrad’s railguns to shame.
      Designed in the 20s.

      A 1930s 14 inch/356mm gun that was 50 calibers long.
      This one may have been at one time considered for the Richelieu since it’s a London Naval Treaty caliber.
      But opted for the 380mm gun after they found out what the German and Italians were up to.

      A 16 inch/406mm gun 50 calibers long designed in 1924.
      May have armed French 35,000 ton Treaty battleships at the end of the Battleship Building holiday in 1930
      but then the Crash of 1929 happened.

      A 420mm caliber dating before 1900 but it could have been revived as a 420mm gun Tier X Alsace.
      (Wargaming did the same thing with the Henry IV 240mm gun that is dated pre WW1)

      The 431mm model 1939 gun (Caliber length not specified but Wargaming used 50 in the case of Republique)
      and the 450mm 45 caliber model 1920 gun

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      I think the gun that could come close to that 450mm French sniper rifle was the Yuzuru Hiraga 460mm 50 caliber gun meant for the No.13 battleship.
      The Hiraga designed shell was 1,360kg but if the gun had a breech chamber as tough as that of Yamato it could match if not beat the power
      of the French 450mm if the Japanese used the heavier 1,460 kg Yamato AP shells (A WW2 modernized No.13).

  12. would’ve reather had 16 inch instead of reload :p

  13. They could have at least put some effort to make the ship exterior look closer to the 1950s Jean Bart.
    A modified bridge and tower.
    More 57mm AA guns.
    Removal of her stern crane and hangar.

    • This ship needs 450 millimeter cannons and more armor in its antiaircraft and secondary weapons, that’s what it needs …
      They could also give you 16 cannons of 380 millimeters to make it a bouncy DGM machine and a “cruise killer” and a very efficient “destroyer hunter” especially if it has a high speed and high main weapon recharge rate.

  14. This cant be a French Battleship….its moving forwards, and not painted white.

  15. lol this enemy DD Noobs……

  16. Why spend recources on this fake ship? I hope they give it the Kitakami treatment (complete removal.)

  17. Most park benches of any ship in the game.

  18. Kind of disappointed so far….
    The speed/Speed boost and the reload Booster will never make up for:
    – terrible, horrible HP Pool…even 80k is not enough…but this HP Pool here is ridiculous
    – 380mm guns will not be viable in any other case but in flanking/surprise situations….this ship will underperform in any 1on1 engagements even with sthing like the Battleship Moskva/Stalingrad.

    To me this ship will need some adjustments to be somewhat usable, right now, I don’t see a good spot for this ship….and please don’t call it premium OP ship, cause really it’s not….by any means.
    Hope they adjust/fix this before release cause I like the French BBs in general

    • Timon Abramovic
      This ship needs 450 millimeter cannons and more armor in its antiaircraft and secondary weapons, that’s what it needs …

  19. Money grab, WG, money grab is too obvious.

  20. BOURGOGNE😍😍😍

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