Bourgogne Rampage – 8 kills – 250k damage || World of Warships

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  1. First? Idk, the video has around 15 likes already.

  2. First, tnx for good vids panzer.
    Hi guys I have a question that what`s differant with Bourgogne and Alsace.
    My friend said Alsace is trash at tier9 BB`s but I dont know why. bcuz Bourgogne is tier10 Alsace with maingun reloader. both almost same spec but my friend say it. what do you guys think?

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      well, I am a man that had the most battles in Alsace before the nerf. She had 28s reload and 1,7 sigma. The ship was just perfect and fun. My most beloved T9 BB. After the nerf, the reload went to 32s and sigma to 1,6. And thats considerable. Thats why many guys who loved Alsace ( me including ) where crying loud, that we wanna aour good old Alsace back. So, WG did for us Bourgogne. Just like Alsace prenerf – 28s base reload, but increased 1,8 sigma. So even without MBRB is she better in terms of main guns than even prenerf Alsace. She has also other secondaries – just like Republique – 127s and faster fireing 152s, so even that is better. The MBRB on top…well, thats just brutal :))) I just ended my midnight session with my Bourgogne: Does it need any comment ? 😉 And yes, with Bourgogne I have again the most games on EU server :)))
      PS: Pasch, do you wanna this replay ? :)))

    • +Kristof Kolumbus oh that was why Alsace being bad. tnx for your good answer:)

  3. Gay camera view..

  4. Nice game but honestly he could have done way way better. Really bad choice of targets, ignoring several broadside ships to focus on angled ones. and couple of reload boost wasted as well.

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