Bourgonge – 382K Damage- World of Warships

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Bourgogne — French Tier X battleship.

A battleship design developed in France in response to the construction of the German “H”-class battleships. The ship was a development of the Richelieu class, but in contrast to her predecessor, she had more powerful artillery that was arranged according to a more reasonable scheme. One of the design versions received twelve 380mm guns that were placed in three main turrets.

With a hefty price tag of 30,000 Steel, Bourgogne is the most expensive vessel in World of Warships; even beating out the infamous Stalingrad, albeit by only 2,000 Steel. Bourgogne, much like the other French reward premium Jean Bart, is an up-tiered and upgraded version of her tech-tree counterpart. Captains familiar with the playstyle of Alsace will have absolutely no problem adapting to Bourgogne.

Sharing the same set of twelve 380 mm guns found on Alsace, Bourgogne has the smallest size guns of all Tier X battleships. Captains familiar with the overmatch mechanics will realize that this makes Bourgogne the only Tier X battleship to be unable to overmatch the bow and stern armor of the -tier American and German cruisers. That being said, her combination of amazing rate of fire and the presence of the Main Battery Reload Booster (When used, main battery reload time is significantly reduced.) consumable will easily allow captains to severely punish any enemy vessel that fails to angle properly against her. If needed, her rate of fire also allows for use of high-explosive ammunition. As far as secondaries are concerned, she differs slightly from Alsace in that she has the same 8×2 127mm setup found on République, instead of the 12×2 100mm guns on Alsace. The larger shell size allows for the penetration of the secondaries to cross the infamous 19mm armor threshold, making her suite quite a bit more useful than that of her sister.

As far as protection goes, she has the same armor scheme found on that of all other -tier French battleships. A relatively well-protected citadel keeps her safe from receiving massive hits from enemy battleships, but captains should be aware that it isn’t nearly as well protected as that of the German or British battleships, so taking citadel penetrations when full is absolutely possible. Like the other French battleships, she is covered in 32mm plating, making her extremely vulnerable to high-explosive shells, as well as overmatch from the 460mm guns found on and Yamato. Furthermore, her turrets are quite weakly armored, especially on the side and rear, so captains can expect to suffer turret incapacitations — and even fully destroyed turrets — with depressing regularity. Having the smallest health pool of all Tier X battleships combined with the weakness of her 32mm armor, the result is Bourgogne is quite bad at “tanking” incoming damage for the team.

Bourgogne’s mobility is a completely different story. With a top speed of 32 knots, she’s already the fastest of the Tier X battleships; mount the Sierra Mike (+5% to the ship’s maximum speed.) signal flag and activate the Engine Boost (While active, increases a ship’s speed by a fixed percentage.) consumable, and Bourgogne can reach a whopping 38.6 knots. Captains should use this mobility to dictate the terms of engagement in every match. Whether it’s re-positioning to a falling flank, creating a crossfire on a -value enemy target, or quickly disengaging from an unfavorable situation, Bourgogne’s mobility is one of her most powerful assets. Whereas other battleships act as floating bunkers, Bourgogne’s playstyle is more similar to that of a cruiser. Knowing when and how to create crossfires is a necessary skill to make Bourgogne perform at her best.


  1. 14:35 that’s why Georgia shouldn’t have secondaries, wallet warrior throwing away the battle

    • stefanos perivolaris

      well isnt the ships problem if u are an ignorant low IQ ape (t5 player) who gets a t9 brawling bb and sailing full broadside to enemy AP salvo
      on other case if he knew who to play he ld be angled at both of them so the secondaries could fire both ships and enemy shells ld ricochet on the ship…

  2. MATSON Pro Play Game

    No intro, no end screens. hm… poorly!

    • MATSON Pro Play Game

      1. hmm. J think short intro is good idea, mayby 15s
      2. J dont belive that autor game didnt send ending screans. 380k and dindnt send screans! Inspossible.

    • @MATSON Pro Play Game
      OK yeah but the screens are 2 seconds of work… I don’t think he is so lazy.

    • MATSON Pro Play Game

      What’s the name? no short intro no end screens. it looks like it records repetition and raw material puts on yt. how to call it? laziness!!!

    • @MATSON Pro Play Game
      That’s his channel and he could do how he want.
      I personally hate Intros and when their no screens at the end maybe he didnt get it.
      He does great work here!

    • MATSON Pro Play Game

      Thomas Yeah. well done. same replay. looking at other creators who make films, it falls out poorly. I will not convince you, so I finish the discussion.

  3. the power creep is strong in this game

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