Brain over Muscle – World of Warships

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As Jingles often likes to say, those who want to win harder usually end up loosing, so today we’re doing the opposite. We’re playing smarter instead of harder, even tho’ I’m sure you’ll agree that nothing about this match was easy.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Humans run faster on land but sharks swim faster in water. In a triathlon it would all come down to who is the best on the bicycle.

  2. glad you’re back! sure missed your videos

  3. That Colbert trading with the mino was actually the best outcome of that fight, if he did not trade you would have lost the A cap and the Sherman had support in defending those 2 caps.
    Well traded imho. Colbert can’t survive easily close range since the torp/AP threat when maneuvering close range or in a kiting situation.

    • yeah I was hard thinking on it and in some way, yes I do understand that leaving a 7k HP daring against a sherman is just bad. but in another way there is no way the colbert wins against the mino. he said it him self. so that colbert pretty much entrusted the whole match on flambass.

    • Colbert v Minotaur <5km roughly 30% v 70%. he makes it tie is AWESOME.

  4. Hey, Colbert ramming Minotaur may not be skillful, but it took Minotaur out of the battle all the same. No need to facepalm at it, you could’ve just hidden from Sherman for the rest of the game and won that way.

  5. Great match.
    Much to learn as a viewer from it

  6. Molten Bramley Apple

    I’ve always found that you play the Daring extremely well, Flambass. It seems very well suited to your playstyle.

  7. Finally, you’re back.

  8. “This is a job that calls for brains, not brawn.”
    “You better believe it, Baby, and I’m loaded with both.”

  9. 17:05 I knew that was going to happen as soon as Flambass said “As long as Colbert kills Mino … ” I was like “He will, but not in the way you think. You’re going to get exactly what you asked for, but not what you wanted.”

  10. Yo, flambass, person, I noticed your neck thing at 10:00, go get checked for arthritis in cervical vertebrae.

  11. Great match. Advantage of tactical thinking vs. trying to win harder. Jingles will be proud.

  12. so who is gonna tell him that when he was RPFing Sherman the Sherman had a “being RPF’d” marker on screen?

  13. ouf… that mino should have finished you lol

  14. what a time to be alive

  15. i often wonder if the eye your constantly blinking and twitching is related to it always being in the sun glare from your window? is this the case? i see it in every video / stream

  16. Liberal sock puppet

    Excellent DD lesson. Well played. Two Ragnars and a Sherman is a tough match.

  17. dude i wouldn’t suggest rotating ur neck like that, its actually bad for the joint especially the intervertebral disc. Just curve the neck gently towards the back to the maximum angle and stay there for 5~10 secs, make sure the the neck and shoulder muscle are relaxed, u should feel better, and its safer.

  18. you didn’t skipped the brain on this day/match

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