Brand new German DD Z-31 – World of Warships

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Z-31 is the new tier 7 alternative tech tree German DD.

These DDs are supposed to have really good guns and some say they’re even supposed to take on cruisers.

Main features:

– High HP

– Better then usual mid section armor

– High HP pen

– Better AP

– bad concealment

– slow firing guns

– slow turning turrets

– slow rld torps

– super slow torps

– garbo AA

– too few guns

– no gimmicks

All in all, you have way too many penalties for very few good features.

HOWEVER that doesn’t mean we can’t make them work.

Here’s the 1st 2 games I played in this ship.

Yes I’m having lunch during the 2nd match because I was starving.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. kansas outrunning torps man…i can’t even xd

  2. Guys…..this is written on wiki.wargaming:

    Torpedos have reasonable speed.

    I can’t even…

    • Sebastien Alexander

      @ANUBHAV SHARMA Tests? What tests?

    • @Sebastien Alexander oh yeah. They just sat on their big fat asses making changes to their liking KEKW

    • @SpartiuS94 Honestly, that one flew over my head 😂

    • Anyone going to mention how the tier 8 gets supposedly 12 km torps. Just got to play this like that low tier Italian destroyer and flood a lane with torps. Then again, why does the tier 10 get worse torps? Less range and damage for 15 more knots speed.

    • @Thats no Moon it doesn’t get worser torps, it gets different torps. Also you would hit more with Z-52 torps so it’s kinda better. Which is why it’s a good hybrid. Julius torps are the area denial weapon than an actual effective tool to take down ships. Just like the first Iteration of Paolo Emilio

  3. Ladies and gentleman WG presents… the German tugboat

    • Don’t insult tugboats like that, they have a purpose

      EDIT: This should be read as tugboats are useful and comparing the new german dd’s to them is an insult to the tugboats. Don’t know what was so hard to follow about that…

    • @Thomas Keane to be fired upon

    • Ja. A tugboat with guns and torps.

    • No they ain’t. No one messes with tugboats. They push around battleships, aircraft carriers, and any other ship that gets in their way. Tugboats are the bullies of the sea. If they don’t like where you are, they’ll push you to a place they’re more content with.

    • @Ralph Best comment ever.

  4. A glorified fishing boat.

  5. Teutonic Crusader

    every time you shoot or launch torps you need to smash your keyboard and yell nein nien nein nein for extra damage

  6. Z-31 is a meme ship

  7. WG : “You asked for a ship that is not OP. There it is. Happy now ?”

    • @TrangleC Nope, it’s just a reality of gaming. Ships can exist in 3 states: underpowered, balanced, overpowered. WG can release a ship in any of those 3 states because it’s hard (read ”impossible) to release them balanced all the time. The problem is what comes after: players. Players will gravitate towards overpowered ships. This means regardless of how many underpowered or balanced ships you release, players will play overpowered ships. Because of this player behavior, it is impossible to release content that is not overpowered otherwise its value is equal to 0.

      And I’ll make it clear: this is a PLAYER issue, not a WG issue. It’s player SPECIFICALLY wanting overpowered ships. And WG can’t do shit about it.

    • @dzello You are telling me they can only release overpowered stuff in the comments to this video?

    • @TrangleC Im telling you it doesnt matter what they release. In the end, only overpowered stuff is relevant.

    • @dzello But that doesn’t clash with what I said in my first comment, so why did you start your reply with “Nope”?

      What is relevant or isn’t relevant for the Meta has nothing to do with what I said about them doing this weird cyclic alternation, between OP Russian stuff and weak German stuff in their games.

    • ​@TrangleC It does contradict your statement.

      You’re implying two things:
      1. A back and forth between players and WG (in which one provides and the other requests).
      2. An intent by WG to release underpowered or overpowered ships.

      Neither of those are true. WG simply releases a wide variety of ships and players pick what’s overpowered, WG doesn’t specifically release underpowered or overpowered ships, they just release ships.

      When it comes to the cyclic interaction, people only talk about this because they KNOW the company is Russian. If they didn’t, they would NEVER say there’s a cyclic interaction here because there’s plenty of overpowered ships in a wide variety of nations. Ex.: FDR is US, Thunderer is UK, MVR used to be overpowered and is German, etc etc.

      Actually, the TRUE interaction between Germans and Russians isn’t about the two nations in itself.. But moreso how recent they are. Because of the phenomenon I highlited earlier, there is constant powercreep in WOWS. This means old ships generally tend to fall into obsolescence and be replaced by newer ships. For example, Zao or Shimakaze. Both ships are old, both ships have literally ships that do everything they do but better while not being russian (for example, French, Pan-european, etc.). It’s the same for Germany, it’s an old line. Back in the days, it was fine/strong. Then, it got powercrept. So the relation between German and Russian ships isn’t related to their nations, but way more related to how recent the ships are. Some lines are more vulnerable to powercreep as well (like brawlers in a sniper meta) where some are less vulnerable (like Yamato being still relevant because it’s a sniper in a sniper meta).

  8. “How do I play this thing?”

    You don’t.

  9. classic example of how WG balances their game, they do not nerf an insanely OP ship, they release some UP ships and then claim over the whole game things are balanced.

  10. WG: Designed to fight light cruiser
    Shoots the broadside light cruiser: overpens……
    Nice meme

  11. The AP damage is good compared to Tier 5 Emerald.

    • Shawn Christensen

      Yup. Compared to a RN cruiser two tiers lower. Compared to Fiji? Lmfao. Yes, I’m aware Fiji’s max AP damage is only 3100 compared to Z-31’s 3700. Fiji also has fucking 12 rifles and can spam shells like they’re on sale for the holidays. The real kicker is that Fiji’s torpedoes are better in every way except range. Z-31 has an entire 1.98km of extra range on its fish. Almost the entire line is absolute dog shit. About the only halfway decent one is Maass.

  12. In the next update they should add german Barges with 4x 8.8 cm Flak’s.

    • Marten Titan 2848 Nguyen

      Interesting Idea. Maybe this would be the next axis DD project, where the GER DD’s would get low calibre guns ( 88-105 mm) but have dakka guns like the IJN Harugumo DD line. Much better than the THICC GERMAN DD GUNBOATS which are useless as Hitler’s hopes for the Maus tank.

    • Maybe German DD split that is a TB. Like the Flottentorpedo boats.

    • Ahh, the good Ole Flak Barge fae War Thunder 😂 All the pew pew would make for a nice fireworks display for sure 😉

    • @MoA-Reload… Ah yes, the Death Star. Actually, the Death Star was the version with the 4×4 20mm Flakvierlings, and the 37mm..

  13. Proof that some countries still hold a grudge…

  14. Feels like the CV had Flambass stream on… He was just constantly going for him

  15. Monty Python level torps! Anybody remember the running scene in the Holy Grail?
    They keep going but never really get anywhere 😂

  16. As a fan of the way Flam says “smoke” and “sugar” this episode was a true delight for me 😛

  17. If you’re looking for a new Nickname I would suggest: “Ministry of Silly Boats”

  18. If wargames really wanted this ship to work out, it needs a heal. Even that would barely push it into usable.

  19. WG: “These DD’s are cruiser hunters.”
    Us: “They don’t even do that right!”
    WG: “Doesn’t matter. Thats what they’re there for. Onto the next ship pre-release!”
    Us: “WTF?!”

    The C in Wargaming stands for competence.

  20. “Problems comrades?? Ze. Germans again ??”


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