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Recently I started playing Brandenburg and I have to say I’m getting pretty decent results with it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Brandenburgler, Brawlerburg, Brandenbrawler – so many options 😉

  2. 2 Players exterminate over 50% of the Enemy Team.

    Git Gud.

  3. “SHIP OFF THE PORT BOW SIR!!” “It’s bloody in the farthest cap zone you PUTZ!” “Just thought we should let you know sir…..” lol

  4. A good FDG player is a very big Jackpot.

  5. 7:50 this happens constantly: a sub get detected and only 1 guy uses his depth charges. I know, he was distracted with the chat, but at 8:40 he saw the sub and get his secondaries on him and still didn’t use his depth charges (virtually free dmg even if there are 2 or 3 ships closer to it). Players just are not used to use depth charges properly, they send the planes if you are a DD but don’t use them if you are a sub. I saw this several times already, I hope it changes when this little sh*ts get released.

  6. “our FdG has a Quaken, you don’t see that often” well, its seems to me they changed FdG a bit cause the guns somehow feel very accurate and its quite fun to play it. Compared to it being a downgrade to Bismarck some time ago o.0

  7. How good is your German Flambino?! 😉

  8. Brawlenburg would have been a better name

  9. lol, one round in direction to a target and I declare it mine. 😀

  10. I remember when this ship released, everyone claimed it was hot trash, Tirpitz is better bleh bleh. I won it in a crate, its one of my favorite ships and I have a 63% WR in it. Good main gun DPM, not the best alpha

  11. i hate that they introduced so many german BBs with torps. now brawling is next to impossible. as far as it has been possible over the past few years

  12. Ah,
    the first flowers on the yard, the birds singing in the trees, and flambass milking chat for donations with a new username 😂
    And they’re making you miss the Krakens so we won’t have to hear the celebrations 😂

  13. German torpedo armed BBs are cursed to have their tubes destroyed just before they have the chance to use them. No matter how careful they are.

  14. Здравствуйте. Подскажите, пожалуйста, новичку. Слышал, что здесь можно играть с ботами (PvE-режим), мол, ты с командой ботов против других ботов. А можно ли при этом настроить сложность ботов или они все очень легкие? Интересно ли так играть? Просто играть с живыми гроками мне не очень хочется. Вы пробовали этот режим? Можете рассказать про него поподробнее?

  15. I keep getting 4 kills and robbed of krakens. Would piss me off back when they mattered but now it’s like eh whatever

  16. Spotter plane german battleship instead of hydro is like a huge slap in the face of a cooldown

  17. Butt Wizard?
    Yes, you need to appropriate that as your nick.

  18. RIP the quacken

  19. Look at the bright side Flambass. When you die while playing a carrier, you at least get to watch a carrier sink.

  20. Lets Go Brandon!!!!!!!!!…I mean Branden!!!!!

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