Brandenburg, Italian Battleships, Azur Lane and More in World of Warships Legends 4K

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Patch notes are out and we are looking at a big update including a new tech tree line of Italian battleship complete with secondary SAP shells and rolling smoke at Teir 6.
Tier 3 Dante Alighieri
Tier 4 Conte di Cavour
Tier 5 Andrea Doria
Tier 6 Francesco Caracciolo.
The new campaign ship is the Brandenburg German Tier 7 battleship. And Azur lane 3.0 will be here with 6 new commanders and 3 ships.
Derka NA CC

0:00 – Italian Battleships
4:27 – Pride of Prussia
5:31 – Cross Platform
6:01 – Azur Lane
7:04 – Maps, Buffs, Nerfs, Misc

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  1. Derka… any idea if they adding Italian dispersion BB commander??

  2. Damn no a.l. jean bart

    She’s in p.c. dammit.

  3. Am super excited for cross platform divisions. The Brandenburg seems ok. It has torps on the PC version, so hopefully they appear on Legends. Sad to learn of the Alaska nerf though

  4. I would say this is very good update.

  5. Where did you get the clip of the Italian battleships?

  6. Really hoping for that Italian accuracy commander. My roma is fun, especially for Brawling, but that accuracy at range has me dying inside sometimes. Can be so painful watching your shells splash around the enemy, as if they’re bloody Neo or something.

  7. It seems this update may bring something to appeal to more players, and not just a few.

  8. AL Littorio will be the first Italian accuracy BB commander coming with the new AL wave

  9. Lol CCs got patch notes on Tuesday to review and make content

  10. LOL it should be interesting

  11. Im not sure why….idk of it’s a coding thing, balance issue, or what. Devs told us they have no plans to implement

  12. 100%….I was told it wouldnt be “in this update”

  13. Let’s go azur lane

  14. I dont quite understand myself. Coding? Balance? Idk. Blip said they have no plans to implement currently

  15. I think the exeter would be quite strong at tier 5

  16. Japanese CVs are always so interesting. They’re all very unique and different. Almost hodge podge? Idk but I love reading about them

  17. I just want my Kaga my favorite carrier ever.

  18. Amakusa Shirou TokiSAD-bruh

    Everything here seems pretty solid, Brandburg will be a nice placeholder until I can get Bismarck (I know they are functionally different ships). Got Roma from the super Santa crates and have had lots of fun playing her, excited to have some Italian BBs in my dock alongside her. Kind of hope that wave 1 and 2 of AL return, switching from Playstation to Xbox has deprived me of all the anime commanders (along with Clara but that’s unrelated).

    All around good update, but when’s the last time we’ve had a bad one honestly?

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