Brawl Funs – World of Warships

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So there is this mode called Brawls in WoWS where you can make a 9 man div and mess around, no CVs and no SUBs. The game is actually fun to play, even when losing.

Who would have ever thought.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. wargaming would plant a minefield and then charge in to it.

  2. when youre in a 9 man division versus no division game of course it is fun 🙂 but you played extremly well tho

    • Jussi Raitoniemi

      and all are more or less tryhards

    • ye but yesterday i had 2 battles in fully random teams against full 9 man divisions, and in one of them we won 9:0 and other one we won 9:2 xD so yea, it also depends on the divisions, their leaders and if they have brains inside their skulls or not, a good div will mop the floor with randos, but bad div gets mopped tho… xD

    • lol, I’ve seen a game from opponents side when flambass & co faced PTA & co division xDDDDDDD, I guess it was not that fun for trenlass that died first xD

  3. Bringing a 9 man divi against a no divi in red seems kinda busted.

    • The Ina Circle Of The Ancient Puns

      Nah man, it’s perfectly balanced like the rest of the game.

    • Had a round with 9 cruisers on my team, other team had 4 dds and 2bbs. We almost won it too. Flam is right, it’s fun even when it gets all lopsided.

  4. Ack, 9 people talking.
    Help me space jesus.

  5. Christer Wiklund

    How about a 9 man division of only Eagles 🙂

  6. Flambass’s description of WG battle performance sounds oddly similar to the Russian Army’s performance in Ukraine

    • comrade, inv- special military operation is going precisely as scheduled. pontoon bridge feint has been 100% successful, with no materiel losses (pls dont check). we might just gain another 100km by winter))))))

  7. wargaming: wait people are enjoying no cv or subs???…ok cv and subs for all!

  8. ive hit a Yama with 8 shimas and he lived to nuke me

  9. Send it to Jingles, just for that name, holy penetrator lmao.

  10. Friendship is magic… or just OP in WoW…

  11. fun snooping around in enemy smoke!

  12. That was fun

  13. I sold my Daring, never could make it work, probably my bad. Great videos Flam.

  14. Have y’all tried 9 Schlieffens, or are teams limited to 4 BBs?

  15. People crying about a full pre made, this is a game made by Russian money launderers man. What do you expect?

  16. stalkingtiger777


  17. This “brawl” is CB with out restrictions and to long game time. Brawl is 1v1 2v2 3v3 that’s brawl. I had a blast with T5 2v2 brawl or the 1v1 T8

  18. “So people enjoy playing it”

    I’m sure the enemy team would say otherwise tbh.

  19. I want to see the game against Flolo’s 20km Shima meme divison from your perspective!

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