Brawler Kii in tier 10 battle 191k DMG ||World of Warships

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Brawler in 10 battle 191k ||
Danny202 VIII Kii
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  1. what you guys think of the Kii ? grear guns – meh armor or more ?

    • it is a bad copy of tirpitz with less amor,guns and bad location of torpedo tubes

    • Hans Dieter Stahlbeton

      right 😀 because tirpitz 4*2= 8 is more then 5*2 ^^ and 381 is much more then 410

    • 狐すごい可愛いです

      Panzerknacker Well I got the Kii, but I much prefer the Amagi and Tirpitz.
      While Kii’s AA is good, it is not good enough unless u spec completely for it, which is also useless because no CVs.
      Armor is really bad, dispersion is bad, sigma is bad, range is bad, torpedobelt is bad and the concealment is also bad.
      The torps are gimmicky and way worse than Tirpitz torps.
      That said, it can be a fun ship if your enemies are really bad^^

    • Its really bad, but good AA

    • Kii is certainly worse than Amagi. The torpedoes are near-useless, CVs are so rare that the AA is a gimmick, the armour/citadel placement is terrible, the torpedo belt is terrible, the secondaries are even worse, and the guns aren’t as reliable. It is still a decent BB overall, but is hardly amazing.

  2. 100mm secondary is pretty useless, only shoot air unlike ZAO’s one

    even German 88 is consider secondary at T8, this is 100mm

  3. i have try play Kii in T10 and deleted a Yamato lol

  4. The KII is garbage. Worst guns and armor at tier 8. Totally regret buying it.

  5. alejandro castillo

    5:51 hijos de putaaaa XD

  6. I versed you today, you were in the Gulio and I was a molotov
    You got that last lucky shot that killed me

  7. The GKs in this video we’re pretty bad

  8. very good luck that nobody shot at him when showing broadside and the last GK is a noob

  9. I don’t think it is that great a ship unless you are against a carrier. But the guns are meh, the armour meh, and to use the torps you have to show almost your whole side. Still, this guy played well, I like how he dealt with the GK with the front guns but the DD behind him with the rear ones.

  10. Wasted 16min of bandwidth – Potato team !!!

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