Brawlin’ Bismarck. 225K+ damage, Kraken and more | World of Warships

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Player: _PisnNapalm_
Map: Northern Lights
Date Played: 09.11.2016
Duration: 20 Minutes
Teams: 12×12
Logic: Domination
Players Per Team: 12
Game Version: 0, 5, 14

User Description: This game was tremendous fun! Tanking , dishing out damage secondaries going crazy. What’s not to like? On rewatching, it does appear that the enemy ended up AFK, but still…. What in the world was that driver thinking? Going broadside to a BB? That’s a paddling.

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  1. President Donald J. Trump


  2. What’s the song used in this video called?

  3. Really wish I could’ve recorded my Bismarck game and sent it to you! DX

  4. Jingles quotes everywhere. That’s a paddlin.

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