Brawling against BB & radar cruiser – World of Warships

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You might read the video title and think to yourself, which cruiser or a BB was HE in I wonder…yeah…amm…no xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Well played

  2. @oliverweidemann1553

    good sports

  3. depressing …

  4. Benson is surprisingly good in ranked. Seems like it got buffed a little for ranked play. Been wanting to see how you play the A-Cap on this map. I call it the DD Death Trap! Only players like you could rush an Amagi and get away with it. I would been killed almost immediately. I would of opted for shooting just outside of detection range and hope the torps hit, then maybe smoke and shoot. But given the speed of Benson torps I can see why went for the rush. And the Baltimore was coming up, so radar was a concern. I can always learn something from watching your videos. And who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks!

  5. Hay flambass ❤ waiting for the stream to start, while I wait I will watch this

  6. Ranked players are the most toxic and elitist potatoes I have ever had the displeasure of playing with.

  7. Awesome, this reminded me of the old Kidd videos. 👊🏻

  8. Balti 2 – Amagi&Edin 0 !!

  9. That Lightning…seriously…

  10. That bismarck…..😢

  11. So many games where you are almost able to drag some potatoes to victory, even though they really don’t deserve it.

  12. That video was absolutely awesome, extremely well played. A true joy to watch.

  13. Was ein Spiel, Gratulation!

  14. This players cant even win with FLAMBASS there LOL Tat is pathetic. If I would be there, I had support him all the way, especially in an Edimburgh

  15. @KarthikVishwamitra

    Well, you know what they say, auto-damage best damage! That Amagi was clearly a higher skilled player than you lmao /s

  16. That last salvo of torpedoes farther left on screen would have had a better chance to hit, especially when you drew his attention running around the side of the island. He was naturally going to turn in there and then turn out for broadside.

  17. Thanks for the reminder of why I haven’t played this game for a few years.

  18. I hope that lightning watches this.
    He’s probably too dumb to open doors on his own.

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