Brawls with Serious Talks – World of Warships

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Another brawly crazy DM game with some serious topics with ppl in the chat, felt like sharing.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. this game is better then the 2v2 yesturday bro the game is so u and down love the videos
    keep it up

  2. +1 to enemy CV pushing straight in as to not waste everyone’s time, how many run to a corner?

  3. you see, this is why i hate/love you so much Flambass…you just make it look soooo easy lol

    whenever i play aggressively, it just goes tits up, everytime

    i’m just doomed to be a potato, forever more 😉

  4. Love the Des Moines battles

  5. Flambass makes it look so easy. The man is 100% aware of wat is happening all around him. A true joy to see him play.

    • Indeed. Thats because he mastered DDs. To be really good with DDs, you gotta be aware of everything.
      I for example struggle with DDs cause im bad at multitasking. Especially in high tier you got to keep so much stuff in the back of your head. Keeping track of when two radar ships used their radar and for how long it will be on cooldown and how long certain smoke clouds last also where people are and where someone went all while everyone will shoot at you as soon you get spotted and you gotta make torpedo beats in between. I cant stay Zen there 😅

    • ​@gothia1715 Right there with you buddy. I can name all the things I am supposed to keep track of, but I lack the processing power to juggle all those mental balls at once.

    • @Matthew10950 That nails it. Well said.

  6. The DM and the Illinois are crazy with the gunnery.

  7. I noticed Wargaming is sponsoring nearly every Youtube channel that discusses history.
    Makes you wonder if things are going well at a playerbase basis.

  8. They put more concrete and asphalt in cities every year, they hold more heat. So cities feel hotter every year. I have been an outdoors person all my life, keeping up with the outdoor temperature just to know what to wear. Temps really haven’t changed; they go up they go down. Cities also remove shade trees, rarely put one back. I think that causes a lot of cities people to think it has changed more than it has.

  9. AniBunny (Antoine S.)

    French sailor:
    We were sunk by des moines!
    French admiral: What, you were sunk by monks?

  10. If we are to be subjected to discussions of global politics, then I’m forced to also question the ethics of pros playing in games against average players.

  11. I like flambass for nothing but the brawls and talks!

  12. Great lesson with the speech at the end

  13. This summer was the coldest summer I experienced in 20 years.

  14. As for skill playing WoW, it is difficult to find anyone who does it better. Flambass has such vision of the whole map and generally makes the best of any situation. That’s why I started watching him play and why I still do. My WoW gameplay sucks in comparison. 🙂 Even though WoW seems to be going down the drain, I’ll watch Flambass play until he decides to eventually move on.

  15. I know watching flambass youtube a waste of time, still can’t unsubscribe. So fking hard.

  16. Nice DM game with a twist of wisdom at the end.

  17. “I’m not an expert, I’m not a scientist” — Trust, it shows KEKW

  18. When I was growing up in the 90s, we always saw snowfall by mid October. And a proper one with at least 3-4 inches of snow. Last 3 winters, we had one time it snowed, and it melted the very next morning. You’ve got to be utterly blind or stupid not to see the changes. Now agreeing with the way the world is dealing with it is a different story.. we could be doing it a lot more efficiently and better overall, but the world is busy measuring who’s got a bigger one vs sitting down at the table and actually talking like freaking adults.

    • I don’t think that you actually need to see it, you can just review the data. But if you want to see it, the easiest way is to look at melting glaciers or the opening of the Northwest Passage. It isn’t politics like a lot of people want to believe, it’s just scientific fact. The politics of it comes into play with regard to how to address it, or to not address it at all. Frankly I see it as a great opportunity for the investment of new technologies. The world will be buying these new technologies regardless of if every nation on board, so it’s just a question of which countries will make money from selling the tech and which will be spending money buying the tech. The way it is looking so far, China is going to be the big winner there. As a US citizen the shame that it seems like it is more important to prop up old tech instead in investing in new tech. Historically, that isn’t a good economic move.

  19. damn stream rng is something else after that colombo used dcp flambass didnt get a fire for ages only one after a long time and the second right before he dies … if i am get shot in a bb by a dm i wouldnt be that lucky with fires

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