Breakfast with a World of Warships Developer Highlights

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After the Let’s Battle event, got to sit down with Q and at Donuts with the Devs the next morning and talk ships. These are some of the highlights, there were parts that I had to cut because the audio was just terrible. Also sorry about the echo-y bumps you hear, the microphone was on the table and every time someone bumped the table, it picked up the echo. Still some interesting information 🙂


  1. hello ichase! :)

  2. Man really who cares about ships? Talk to Dasha all day!!!

  3. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    ewwwww carrier balance

  4. Dasha awkwardly there like ??

  5. Hard talk. I have to get home and listen to this again. A tip for next run;
    Get audio recording controller 1 in slot two and audio recording controller
    2 in slot three.

    For captain skills i recommend ambience controll if you planning live
    recordnings outside the cave.. Sort of a brawling build.
    Also skip improved nerd talk skill. You dont wanna scatter the females like

  6. Can you please do a sail and chat about that? The audio is really, really
    poor and I can hardly understand what you were talking about throughout
    most of the video.

  7. I bet you nerds all did the hover hand when taking a photo with Dasha =D

  8. Sub_Octavian is a very known person on the russian wows forums. Everybody
    knows him as a an absolute douchebag. He does everything to ruin Lesta’s
    reputation, and to tear away loyal players. Whatever important question is
    asked on the forums he’s always there not to reply with some constructive
    arguments but just to say “if you don’t like anything you can go fuck
    yourselve” “your opinion is just shit for us” etc.
    So he’s actually trying to speak quite politely with you, but I guess 99%
    of russian forum users would like to punch that son of a bitch in the face.

  9. Potatoes are humans too


  10. Erm, will we have Dasha’s as captain voice? :D

  11. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    Wow, so many people are going to be so jealous of you for getting to meet
    Dasha. So many…

  12. “There are problems with CVs”
    Continues to buff AA skills and nerf CVs
    – WG 2016

  13. You can tell how annoyed poor Dasha is getting.

  14. ehmm… Who is Dasha exactly? Im not subbed for so long

  15. they don’t get it at all… air superiority wins games? that’s bull crap

  16. Soooooo…was that you in the Gneisenau yesterday? In the match where
    everyone was questioning if it was “the real deal” ?
    Coz if it was you, ehehe, whoops!

  17. Chase still doesnt have a face :(

  18. You ignored Dasha =/ no, just no

  19. Dasha is beautiful but that beard is killing it.

  20. iChase how could you not bring up the all but useless Montana!?! She’s
    rusting in port!

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