Breaking Down Failure – Counting Our Chickens! World of Warships Legends Xbox One X 4k

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  1. Dang big sad, ez 2nd😂😔also I love how I’ve gotten his intro down to a T😂

  2. Manuelito Delfinado

    I’d love to see you play some tier 1 ships

  3. Azur lane HMS Belfast

    You really do have a point when I play domination matches no one caps at all so annoying epically In competitive

  4. Anthony Cleveland

    Whoever answers this question gets a free cookie when the chicken hatched Did the chicken drink water before or after the sun lowered

  5. Complete Randomness

    Hey Spartan I just have a quick question, Have you had a period where every game it takes longer to get into the game? Because now for me I am coming into the game a minute after it had begun, and that wasn’t happening a week earlier. I Only have wowsl and one other older game on my Xbox, so it can’t be storage. If you can’t answer this, its fine, but I was wondering if had a similar issue with the game at some point.

  6. I don’t know what the hell Wargaming did but I just took out my Akatsuki that according to my stat page has a Surface detection range of 5.1km and Aerial detection of 2.8km yet I was being spotted by aircraft consistently at around 5km so I’m guessing they mucked some code and made aerial detection the same as surface, so yay, playing a DD just became 10 times harder. They need to fix ASAP.

    Editing the clip now, hopefully it was a one time glitch. Will retest later.

  7. The 2 BBs in the enemy team are my friends lol , anyway the lesson we learned from this is that enemy Fubuki is a legend !

  8. Bro I just got HE spammed to death in a matter of seconds from full health by 4 battleships. Two queen elizabeths, a king george, and a lyon from across the map. Fire spamming noobs there was literally nothing I could do it makes me so mad.1-2 HE spammers is bad enough but 4 not to mention they are the best fire starter battleships of all of them. All I want is to get the Richelieu but i can’t see myself getting 200k xp in the lyon it dies instantly and in order to get any of your guns to shoot you have no choice but to expose your broadside

    • Findlay Robertson

      Been there, done that, got the t shirt.

      I’ll spam HE at range in the KGV but switch to AP when I get below 10k to a target. I just hate HE spammers who do nothing but lob ouchy burny shells for a whole game.

    • Findlay Robertson That’s literally what they were doing lol. The two queens were in a division and the king george was hanging out with them while also hidden behind an island. Plus there was an enemy lyon across the map. All 4 of them fired nothing but HE the whole time at me as if the lyon wasn’t already squishy enough especially since i just got it and didn’t have hulk upgrade. Some of their salvos caused like 2-3 fires each and still hit for an immediate 8k damage. Like I said though i got melted instantly lol.

  9. Oh, Free tier 2 premium Russian cruiser, Aurora Borealis is available in Xbox game store as an add-on.

    Hey, its free, and you get some free premium time with it, with free jumpstart pack too.

  10. I hate to break it to you, but it’s not a torpedo beat if you just say “torpedo beat”

  11. You did great David, your team, not so much…

  12. I have to subs to this channel …I’m obsessed with that game !! Nice stuff man 👍👍

  13. Good run on this fight. I just dropped the ball. My blind volley of torps that I fired earlier hit and sunk a crussier at the same time I got into it with the other destroyer. I thought he was dead. I didn’t follow up to make sure. And it cost us the game.

  14. Cue the jingles!

  15. 17k congratulations bro. I’m so proud of you, your growing so fast and putting awesome content out

  16. I think the overriding thing to learn, when you have destroyers torping the hell out of people on the enemy team is, for the love of God, kill low health ships! Always. Doesn’t matter what they are. Remove their guns from the game.
    Not really a destroyers job. The destroyers make em killable. Your BBs kill em. Hopefully 😁

    • Findlay Robertson

      I seem to have Spartan’s problem I hit ships hard leaving them on just enough health for someone else to get the kill.

  17. Unlucky Spartan, there’s a good saying that people should use. “That’s why there a rubber at the end of the pencil, we all make mistakes”

  18. Hey get the Tashkent quick this is the new king of destroyers as long as you mitigate the concealment and have trubeskoy as your commander..I ve been catching destroyers out off position. Even wrecked a flecther.

  19. lolololol lolololol

    I despise teammates that has too much time on their hands away from the fight.

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