Breakthrough Kurfurst – World of Warships | 245k dmg

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When you are allowed to push right through the cap and sweep the enemy unopposed. If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:


  1. When GK decides to be a good boy the ship is so much fun. Though i still think he needs torps, not to mention better arcs for his rear turrets.

  2. Oh the good old GK…
    Always Scares everyone on the field

  3. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    Could you a division with the Bismarck Tirpitz and Brandenburg

  4. That CC dispersion

  5. TX BS spamming HE, 🤪

  6. Thank you! Been hopeing for a DR plays GK vid

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