British 120mm – World of Warships

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Discussing some questions I receive from players of the British destroyers, shared a game with a solid outing by the Lightning. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII British Destroyer Lightning Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Early again

  2. someone on chat was real salty LOL!

  3. reading the chat reminds me why i don`t play online games anymore…

  4. That chat though…

  5. i’m not going to lie
    your 2 division mates and that lion were asses

    • TheNepBlade I must admit, the chat was EXTREMELY distracting from the gameplay and commentary. Maybe not the best vid to feature.

    • Yeah, they feel like they are special but they are not.

    • A Jo The gameplay itself was fine, I can see why Notser would use it. But that chat, that shit doesn‘t have to be on YT. Might as well slap a big black box onto it, would help staying focused on the point of this video.

    • Sirene Racker I agree, a black box would’ve been great. The level of toxicity and salt…. yikes. Nobody needs that negativity in their lives.

  6. Your division mate is one of the most irritating person I saw in a long time…he were calling the Lion player a kid, and he acted like one sassy little…and than when he started to speak dutch or whatever with him…just pathetic.

  7. Notser did you get RNG blessed with the Christmas crates? I did not 150 dollars and all i got was a damn Monaghan and it absolutly has made me Salty AF.

    • Love the game Hate the company.

    • It’s gambling. Just don’t buy loot crates and make WG learn their lesson.

    • +MrFunguspower You are sadly correct it’s my own fault and i will pay the 150 dollars for that lesson learned but i still think it’s wrong once you spend a certain amount they should give you Something of worth. The company in my eyes now is trash.

    • +Michael B it’s gambling? just ceck the value of the single stuff u found, total amount of doobloons, special flags, camos, free exp convesion cost, and the monaghan, sum it up and ceckif the total value is 150 or less and pls write it here, i want to know. Sorry for bad eng

  8. TBH I was paying more attention to the Lion spamming in chat than to what you were saying Notsie, such mind-boggling stupidity…

  9. Your div cossack… just such a salty player

  10. I’d have burned up a few “Misbehavior in chat” complaints on that one.

  11. It’s definitely not needed for 120 mm, but if you plan on taking your captain higher than Lightning, it’s almost a requirement.

    • This. Not all of us are blessed with the gold and/or elite commander xp to completely reroll all commander skills after going up to the next ship in the tech tree, so if you have a Lightning and are planning on going up to the tier 9 and 10 ships, IFHE is a a very good skill to take BEFORE you do the transition, that way you will have IFHE on the tier 9 from the first battle onwards.

  12. Adam was a little salty… lol

  13. 9.5 km radar on worcesters? thought it was 9

  14. Wargaming screwed up with 113mm guns having worse pen that 100mm guns on enemy DD …

  15. But if you take IFHE for the british 120s you can pen 25 milimeters of armor, meaning you can pen the bow and stern of most cruisers and all battleships up to tier 7. Plus you need it anyway for the high tier DDs, so i say take IFHE asap

  16. Dude…Who’s the idiot you’re div with? Next time you might want to not post a video with comments like that (associated with you via div) or at least blot them out.

  17. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Your division mate is a real piece of work.

  18. It’s not 50mm of armor it’s 19mm of Stalinium.

  19. IFHE isn’t quite so useless on the 120s. It puts you at 26mm pen, which passes the 25mm threshold a lot of mid/high tier cruisers are at, meaning you can give them a bruising if needed, on top of all the 25mm armor on the T7 and below battleships.

    • Yeah, I do wish Notser would do the maths before he talks about this stuff, it’s so easy to check HE pen in the port now : /

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