British Battleships in World of Warships | Trailer

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British Battleships in Early Access
How to get the new British battleships: Duncan, Queen Mary, Tiger, Renown, Rooke, Hawke, St. Vincent? 👇🏻
More details:

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  1. Thank you for briging to me by far my favourite game keep it up

  2. For Queen and country.

  3. everyone gangsta till the Queen start Rockin Rule Britannia

  4. Damn god save the queen, she rocking the world jeepers!

  5. Now that was awesome 😎!! Nice job WG !!

  6. Even the queen is so excited coz she got new tea factory and extra cash for acting for WG.Actually no,she probebly enjoying it too.

  7. Waiting for guided torps to be able to dive, so they can hit submarines. 😜

  8. All hail the Queen. . . Of Rock and Country.

  9. Would have been nice if they had done a jubilee event (Which wasn’t only celebrated in the U.K. by the way WG).

  10. Goliath: Sunk by the Muavenet-i Milliye Destroyer. Irresistible: She struck a mine and sank on 18 March 1915 during the Çanakkale Naval Operations. you play nice guitar 🎼 in memory of bismarck 🙂

  11. I have been waiting for this for soo long and there is finally a British battleship update I am excited now to update my game!

  12. Imagine taking the first 30 seconds out of context that its a wows trailer, and just simply saying this is the Queen of England jamming metal on a battleship

  13. World of Warships Official Channel

    Quick start in WoWs for our subscribers:
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    British Battleships in Early Access
    How to get the new British battleships: Duncan, Queen Mary, Tiger, Renown, Rooke, Hawke, St. Vincent? 👇🏻
    More details:

    📝 Leave us a comment right after subscribing to the channel

    • Rooke has the wrong guns as J3 was designed to use 15″/50-calibre, so why the guns from monarch,? You’ve not recreated the ship accurately

  14. Can’t wait to get these on legends, I know it will be a while but British battleships are my favourite on there

  15. Nicolás Díaz Pérez

    Long live the warships.

  16. wait . . . i thought those are supposed to be Battlecruisers ? why is everybody calling them Battleships ??

  17. To be honest, she did do skydiving at the Olympic opening ceremony in the UK…

  18. Splatoonist Productions

    This makes me proud to be British, and want to join the navy

    • As you should. With (I think) Her Majesty with a lovely Custom Les Paul in front of a wall of Marshall Amps (another classic British design) – honestly, for a quick little blurb – what more could you want?!?

  19. It is great you are adding the more ships to the greatest navy ever but they are not battleships they are battlecruisers a (battlecruiser has cruiser armour and speed but the armourment and size of a battleship)

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