British Destroyers: Down the Line – World of Warships

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Discussing Royal Navy Destroyers for my Down the Line series. Unique traits, tools, and playstyle are all discussed for the British and their ships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. YAY!! Down the Line is back!! Btw, where’s the USN DD’s?

  2. i think it would have been better if you showed the stats while you played the ship you were presenting per tier

  3. Hi Notser, good vid, as always.
    I like the way it was presented with the “down-the-line” with the stats an all. Did not look at it that much, your commentary was way more important – and engaging.
    I was 1 of the sceptics about RN dd’s. Was very dissapointed about the nerv to consealment for tier IX and X in the pre-launch phase, didn’t even wanted to grind the line, I think remembering commenting here… which I ended up doing anyway, or kind off, free-xp’ed my way to Lightning, liked it – but then again, I knew that would be the case – got to IX and X… and hated it. Lost all my games at start… see myself as a dd main, so loosing ALL my games was very troubleing… did not even play the game for some days, sad about my vaste of free xp I had build up over so many month… went back to play my other dd’s, love the Shimmie for example – and went op against Darings and Jytlands… and what a nightmare! SO annoying to play against, ran into a couple of rly good RN dd players and that was not that fun…. but it teached me a leason; thought I could do that too in my Jutland and Daring, gave them a chance and have liked them ever since. They are more difficult then the other dd’s at IX and X – and then again, easyer – kind of – when u get the hang of it.
    Win rate starting to go up, don’t die every game now, has had some absolutly fantastic single torp hits where I was congratulated in my gameplay by the oppersite team – so like them now, don’t regret anymore.
    So could not let my first comment about the line, stand, in light of my new found enjoyment of them – and in light of your great vid. Thx.

  4. Nice video as always Notser, I love how u show that stats preview, but the gameplay preview, I prefer the old one, like the japanese bb down the line, when u show up the actual ship in the port, the armor layout, and I suggest u maybe take a shot of the details, like the guns,, the AA guns just for the preview, it would look fascinating and apreciating the hardwork of the developer workin on those small details, then the actual in battle gameplay of the ship. So yeah, I think u can keep the stat preview like that, thats cool, but I’d like to see visually the actual ship we talked about at that moment. Can I guess why u dont show the other ship gameplay ? Is that because u dont have the ship anymore XD ? Or it would take much longer time to get some footage of it ?

  5. Really like this format. Very practical. Excellent work. Thanks.

  6. Love the new graphical format, so clear and selfexplanatory!
    Whats your ideas on Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers? A video on that would be awesome!
    Focus on What should be the Royal Navy CV unique traits?

    • Seeing as they were the only ones smart enough to use armoured decks through most of the war that should be a thing in game.

  7. When discussing a whole tech tree show case this presentation rocks. A quick review as you grind through is a valuable resource at your fingertips.

  8. Thought the jervis had 360…could be wrong.

  9. I liked this format was really simple and easy to latch onto what you were talking about. I have had some issues with Daring bc I’m so used to playing DDs in Yueyang, Gearing and Z-52 which are all very aggressive and well structured ships. Daring just has absolutely no armour and the moment I get spotted I just get focused on and I can’t do anything, smoke is irrelevant bc of the 4 Worcesters that are on the enemy team (never had a game with less than 3 US CL on enemy team). I can’t support my team in the same way I could with my other DDs because I get out spotted by every DD except Khaba so I can’t pto also bc friendlies hang back with BBs so I get hardly any close quarters support. I have IFHE and CE, thinking of going for SE when I get another 3 points instead of getting RL because I have found that surviving in the Daring is more of an issue than finding a DD – at least you know they’re >6km from your position so why bother with RL? I’ve invested more into the rate of fire of the guns and have cut it down to 2s per salvo but the floaty nature of the shells don’t do any dmg irregardless of IFHE. A bit disappointed with the Daring bc it was such a historical DD which was never this much of a dud

  10. Play the dd you are describing, or have it in the port… otherwise it’s confusing,

  11. Great Video as always Notser (btw I love that little smirk you always seem to have in your voice)
    I honestly have to say tho that i dont like the “windowed” style, it kinda reminds me of those cheap anime videos where they have to put the actual video inside a small box of the real video to avoid copyright strikes >.< and besides if people are interested in the stats... you are free to pause anytime. Concerning the British DDs I have to agree with you on the fact that they have a lot of potential, however i feel limited by the "kinda must have choice" to pick a minimum of 2 4 point skills (rpf excluded), this allows for no modularity in builds and really limits your torpedo options - speaking of 10 km torps on tier 10, those already were a major annoyance on the Grozovoi. In my opinion the British DDs like the Russian alternative Line were intended as "Universal Soldiers" (pun towards the legendary Grozovoi module intended) but have now failed a second time and were pushed into a mediocre Gunboat role in which ships like Haru and Kaba already excel. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love these Hybrids, uniting the best of two worlds, I love the potential of having potent guns as well as potent torpedos, but it always ends in a Gunboat.

  12. Maybe have a circle around the upgrade you recommend in each slot for each ship?

  13. Like the video format have no interest in the brit lines at all. For me they totally suck, made the mistake of starting with the cruisers stuck at emerald and only play maybe once a month a game just to remind me why I hate them, BBs the same. Not even going to try the dds. Love the IJN lines/Germ/US/Russian, french soso

  14. PS also hoping really hoping that no pun intended the carrers bomb. Hate Hate Hate carriers have had one game where a carrier on my team actually didn’t suck and provided some sort of support. So would be not unhappy if they disappeared completely.

  15. I’ve been greatly enjoying HMS Valkyrie. She’s a strong T-III _hybrid_ destroyer. Good guns, good torpedoes, good concealment, good speed, good agility. She fits right in with the rest at T-III.
    However, she cannot compare to her Commonwealth sister, HMAS Vampire. The most obvious difference between the two is torpedo armament, which is strictly in favour of Valkyrie. But what sets them apart and allows Vampire to come off slightly better overall is that third 4″ mount of Vampire’s with its full 360 degree rotation.

    We’re in that weird case where the British destroyer lacks a feature which will later characterize the British destroyers. Yet this feature is enjoyed by her Commonwealth sister ship. And this is why HMAS Vampire is the strongest T-III destroyer in the game according to player stats… that third gun mount really sells her.

  16. Please go back to original format this is to muddled

  17. I’ve played quite a lot of time with Daring. I must say I like the destroyer a lot. However, the concealment is pretty bad. With 6.0 you cannot contest caps at the beginning of a game. Most of the other tier 10 destroyers will be able to see you before you see them which means you have to play more carefully and passively. This, on the other hand, takes from the pleasure of the game. Jutland has better concealment. I think it reaches 5.7 and because of that I’m not sure if I don’t prefer it over Daring. Both are excellent destroyers and completely different from the rest of the line.

  18. Good British ships? This is outrageous! Nerf them! Nerf them now! The British aren’t allowed good things!

  19. Great format. Simplistic walk through the tiers along with your comments. Two suggestions on format;

    First is to mark your recommended upgrades with a background icon.

    Second is after you have finished Tier X have screen showing your recommended Upgrades and Commander Skills for each ship on the same screen.

    It would give a visual that would show pathway to level up your commander if your goal is just to roll the commander up to Tier X. For myself it I use may lower tier commanders to fill the higher tiers, and I keep the high tier ships only. It would show witch commander that I may want to assign to a ship.

    Yes everyone’s play-style is different, but if someone is watching your channel they should be-able to correlate your play-style with your choices and then make any adjustment to fit there own play-style.

  20. Totally worth it I’m at tier 7 British DD 🙂

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