British Submarines cinematic gameplay trailer World of Warships

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  1. Oh how the player base loves subs.

  2. What joyful new… Another submarine line. This is all we have been asking for, ain’t we lads?
    WG, I have a request. At some battles, CV and Submarines can’t be damn effective enough. Please make sure they are last to survive each battle. How dare those surface ships to destroy elegant submarines and heroic CVs!

  3. once again the like/dislike ratio is quite impressive lmao

  4. I’ve examined stool specimens more appealing than this video

  5. Not into subs but this cinematic is cool

  6. ShOT GunNiNG iS NoT a ThInG aNyMoRE

  7. Implement broken line and payed acess to it 2 months before everyone else can play it.
    Earn on whales….
    Relese line , nerf it.
    Implement broken line ….
    Peak Wargaming skills…

  8. Jakub “Crover” Stránský

    Wooow. You have taken WG trailers to a new level

  9. I got Undine. My first sub, and a port queen since I never play subs lol BTW I hope WG would extend the discount coupon for Brisbane since most players aren’t on 24/7 to finish the campaign since we do have jobs and school–you know, real life…

  10. Historical accuracy? Hm not today i guess. Today i feel supersonic underwaterrocket.

  11. HMS King George V

    I’ll the art team credit, but as good as they are it’s still not going to convince me that subs are good for the game.

  12. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use graphic effects like field of depth in game replay to create our own movies?

  13. Cool video, we still hate how subs work ingame.

  14. I’ll never regret quitting the game for good LUL

  15. There are sub’s then there a Wargaming subs unfortunately. Majority of people would welcome a new class if it wasn’t so badly executed.

  16. For the guys that already quit, if you could see the MMs this days …. Never in 7 or 8 years of playing this, I have seen such unbalanced games. And it’s not only the subs and the abomination CV+BB, stronger then much normal BBs. This is more and more another WoT. My wallet is closed for good. Game now is good for kids who like Japanese Manga !

    • “I quit playing WoWS years ago because I’m bad at the game. Damm those subs!”

      I bet you quit about the time German BBs stopped being OP and having to learn game-mechanics like armor-angling is HARD.

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