British Submarines in World of Warships | trailer

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The third week of Update 12.1 kicks off an event dedicated to British Tier VI, VIII, and X submarines in Early Access.
Features of the new submarines
• The new submarines are only equipped with acoustic homing torpedoes that have a short reload time for a full salvo, good range and speed, and launch in large salvos, but each torpedo doesn’t inflict particularly high damage. Their torpedo tubes are housed mainly in their bows.
• Undine and Sturdy are armed with a 76 mm secondary gun, and Thrasher is armed with a 102 mm main gun that can be directly controlled. All submarine guns fire SAP shells.
• British submarines enjoy a high dive capacity, but it recharges only slowly and they also have small HP pools.
• Their consumables are represented by Damage Control Party with a limited number of charges, Submarine Surveillance, and Hydrophone—a standard set for submarines. The latter has a fast cooldown time and short interval between pings but a limited number of charges, as well as a short ship-bearing range compared with submarines of other nations.


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  1. we really need to interview the silence majority that want this

  2. Ayoo nice! Yet another line that saturates my DCP with floodings and fast reloading torpedoes.
    I sure do have a consistant way to counter attack them right?????

    • @Kuro Katan I think that’s a little uncharitable.

      There’s a lot of knee-jerk people who hate on subs because Flamu told them they suck; and subs aren’t anywhere near as bad as some people make out.

      So I can see why someone – having seen teammates actively avoid countering a sub and sabotaging any attempt to deal with one, whilst simultaneously complaining about how OP and terrible for the game subs are – might want to remind people that there are some elements of the game that can offer counterplay, but people bizarrely seem to neglect.

      But this guy’s defence of ASW is equally knee-jerk, and objectively faulty.

    • @Mr Smiley gaming It’s true, people don’t wanna have to skill up against subs, which, by the way are glass cannons and extremely hard (in my experience) to play.

    • Anti-submarine warfare is not as terrible as everyone seems to think it is

    • Mr Smiley gaming

      @Sam Cushwa you do understand the game was already dying before they added subs? All the subs did was accelerate the process. Also anyone who thinks subs are hard has no idea how to play them properly.

    • @Mr Smiley gaming I do, that’s why I stopped playing.

  3. Michael The coffee drinker

    The community: the subs are so unbalanced and ruining the game

    Wargaming: oh okay… *proceed to add more subs*

  4. submarines would be fine in the game if they were in scenario/co-op only, but not in pvp sorry

  5. *The community:* Guys you are ruining the game for everybody what are you doing?
    *The big brains at WG:* 0:06

    • @Milliardo5 Why not both? Both things are not mutually exclusive.

      Complaining is the only weapon we have to maybe get them to stop ruining what once was an amazing game. And maybe start making it better.
      Its called feedback, if they were smart they would use it in their favor.

      Also I’m not complaining about subs exclusively, I think CVs and hybrids are worse than subs

    • Mr Smiley gaming

      @Milliardo5 look at the player numbers and say that again. Unless they are actively trying to kill their game they should remove sub.

    • @Mr Smiley gaming The thing is, it’s not going to happen. WG has already put that much to back out. I didn’t like subs as well and I never bought or even used one, but then I have to live with it and know how to counter it. It has become part of the game, for better or for worse. People eventually have to adapt to it if they haven’t done so yet.

    • Mr Smiley gaming

      @Milliardo5 ppl aren’t adapting they are leaving the game. After the sub update NA lost 15% of their player base and its similar on the other servers. Why try to counter a broken class and continue supporting devs that clearly don’t give af about the community.

  6. perfectly showcases the submarine playerbase in the first 10 seconds of the video

  7. Wargaming, put your subs where the skill of the 35 % winrate players is! On the bottom of the sea!

  8. What’s more cringe? WG’s constant forcing subs and other un-fun mechanics into the game and ruining it or this video?

    You know, I’m going to have to go with both.

  9. could the people at wg have any less idea what the majority of the playerbase wants then subs ?

  10. Alternate title: “More Broken Class to Ruin the Game in World of Warships”

  11. 0:06 This is how the development team at Wargaming evaluates how the new changes will affect balance in the game

    • Federico Amantini

      then in terms of evaluations they are just inveterate morons. They didn’t even realize that the CV vector attack system already unbalanced the game, adding then the submarines unbalanced it even more!

    • *Quality.*

  12. These things are ruining the game – period, as said elsewhere, allow them to be used in ops, create ops where only subs can be used/played, a quick look at the comments, NOT ONE POSITIVE, listen to your majority player base, ‘WE DO NOT WANT SUBS INGAME!!!’

  13. I mean, if there at least was an reliable way to counter these submerged homing missle launchers…

    • They can be frustrating to play against, sure.

      But TBH the thing that makes submarines hard to kill is generally your teammates.

      Friendly CV too impatient or idiotic to spot / drop fighter planes to blind the sub’s spotting; hydro-equipped ships refusing to just go detect it so that nearby BBs / heavy cruisers can airstrike it;
      friendly sub spots enemy sub, enemy sub submerges, friendly sub decides “hey, waiting around for my sub detection to cooldown might take a while and need me to fight the enemy sub, so I’ll bail on my teammates and let him farm them down while I go off and get killed pinging a CV”;
      multiple ships so scared of one lone sub that they let it farm them down one by one instead of just nutting up and rushing him as a group; ships refusing to just simply shoot the surfaced sub before he can dive / get unspotted, etc, etc.

  14. So the beatings (submarines) will continue until morale improves…..

  15. ain’t they getting enough dislike , or what ?

  16. So when are we going to get more historical ships? There are still a lot not in the game: USS South Dakota, USS New Jersey, HMS Rodney, USS Saratoga…and the list can go on. Hopefully we get more historical ships. And maybe more historical Commanders as well, someone like Admiral Chester Nimitz. I know he’s not in the Navy, but I feel somehow Gen. Douglas MacArthur should be in the game somehow. And we need Natali as Commander as well…

  17. current like/dislike ratio is 410/923
    well done WG! now lets nerf US/GE Sub to UK Sub level

    • All they have to do is:

      – swap the ranges of the USN/German tech tree subs. This basically solves long-range ping spam AND shotgunning frequency.

      – Slow ALL subs down a little bit

      – give tools to subs to fight each other, use homing torpedoes and ping system mainly for underwater battles

      Aaaand boom, balanced subs!

  18. Napoléon I Bonaparte

    Wish I could name ships so I could name one “Nicola the Sturgeon” and “Alex the Salmond”.

  19. this is really an embarrasing Marcom how can your Marcom Team come up with such a video (you know what the average age of the player is?). Not to mention that I wonder how long it takes that executive management realizes that the current state of the game and the roadmap is not what the majority of the player base wants, the droping player numbers in game (PC and Steam) and very high downvotes everywhere are a clear sign that you lost contact with what we consider fun. Please WG listen to us. Fix CVs they are still broken, radically rework Subs, rework Superships (they require signifcantly larger maps, the maps were not designed for these ranges) , DO NOT introduce Mines. Please Please listen.

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