Brutal Execution of Yamato – epic push || World of Warships

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  1. Yamato got the memo, but didn’t read it…..😏🤣

  2. Republique engine boost active, reload guns ….. Nope

  3. Why is there always a full broadside yamato in high damage games?

    • Because yamato is the easiest bb to delete with cits… Every “execution, devastating salvo”, a potato yammy captain is on the enemy team

    • +Zbriu Totally agree. You cant cit other bbs easily as the yammy (you can cit Montana too but no at yammy level) but the other bbs are just “turtleback or deep underwarter cit” so only if you get a miracle you can cit a GK at short range, can cit a Conq ONLY if broadside and turning to you… French bbs at +15km you can land cits. Basically the game has 2 types of bbs… Old ones like yammy or monty(but upgraded with a deeper cit) and the rest ones immune to short range cits or being deleted in one salvo… Every update is changing the game in a wot direction…

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      jotasmail while I agree that some citadels need tweaks, namely the Conqueror, other ships need those like the Kurfürst She is supposed to excel at close range, difficult nowadays because of long range HE meta, but without the turtleback it would be shit even at those ranges The Republic is a different thing, is the spaced armor that does the trick But I still think that Yamato should have a citadel similar to Montana or a mere milimter above waterline Still doesn’t have turret traverse for brawls so why they insist on having the historical main belt as a citadel while the Montana one was reduced?

    • Well, if a Yamy is too far it’s a camper people insult for being a BB and not tabking, and if it’s too forward, the slightest broadside to another BB = citadel confirmed. And you’ll even take frontcitas from high caliber shells.

      The ship is in paper, not because of it’s armor, but citadel position. Basically a floating citadel, compared to the others BBs that hide it who-knows-where.

    • +Zbriu nope bro i reach about 7k battles in the next 20 days
      i agree… about easily-hard finding citadels
      i can find all ships citadels shooting from 13-15kms away but some ships are way hard to hit them from a longer or shorter range
      GK-conq-rep way hard citadel ships from 2-3km
      yami monty doesnt have a turtleback so whenever u shoot at waterline its 100% citadel

  4. Such a weird Répu build, without CE and with incoming fire alert on a BB…

    • That means that this is either a potato who got lucky or someone experimenting with builds

    • I don’t have CE too, full secondary build with IFHE, still 135k avg dmg :D. … but yes, incoming fire alert is useless

    • I also have a full secondary build with the Répu, but with CE on top of that. Only problem of that build is that lacks a little bit on the survibability department (as tier 3 skill I still have superintendent) , but is hella fun for sure (137k average in ~90 games :P)

  5. Poor yamato. It takes a special captain to be good whith it.

    • Agreed, all the others BBs are just too easy to play and need a miracle to get citadelled… (except Monty I guess, tho since they lowered their cita potision it’s harder than it once was).

  6. Yep I’ve done that with my monarch.

  7. people who scroll their mouse to zoom in and out should stop making recordings, pain to watch..

  8. That was truly epic!! Just before the push, i glance at the mini map and i knew then! this game was over.. It was to late to run……🏆

  9. GG Yamato-san

    Play the HMS Hood
    Play a battleship with the most main guns
    Play a BB with the most secondaries
    Play a BB with most HP
    Play a cruiser with the fastest reload times
    Play a cruiser with most accurate guns
    Play a destroyer with the most torpedos it can launch at one time
    Play the fastest DD

    • Maybe it´s not clear for everyone,maybe some ppl are just dumb. HE ISN´T PLAYING BY HIMSELF – PPL SEND HIM THEIR REPLAYS AND THAT`S WHAT WE WATCH HERE. Ffs…

  11. Rip the entire enemi team

  12. Stop scrolling and use the shift key!

  13. Republic is another bb for spoony players just like conqueror

  14. 6:00-7:00 pure cancer for my eyes

  15. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    N. Carolina perfect broadside at the front….

  16. I dont understand these people. Is it really hard to hit Shift key once instead of scrolling the mouse couple of times ???
    A good gamer can hit any key without looking to the keyboard

  17. This guy has the camera control comparable to an 8 month olds bladder

  18. no no epic push – that was seal clubbing

  19. Ohh my eyes it hurt .

  20. WTF that Mouse Scrolling..on my Logitech i have Mouse-Key 4 for that…arghhhhh

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