BRUTAL Torpedo POWER – 416k Minotaur || World of Warships

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  1. Good combination by grenades and torpedoes. I love it. thx 4 this video.

  2. it’s fun when I have a minotaur as a companion is the first to die

  3. a good gameplay of minokaze!

  4. Денис Никитин

    DD+ Minotaur = Dinosaur

  5. If that cleveland had at least a bit of brain he would easily kill him 😀

  6. I want you to do this but with gun power as Gneisenau ?

  7. The alignment of stars, in this case BBs. 😉

  8. But how much base xp?

  9. Well done and great video, but I was wondering why he waited so long to do his hydrophone/sonar search? He had 4 charges for it!

  10. whatever they say truely 400k still good match

  11. the true torp-artist :v

  12. No dudo que juega Excelente… pero la verdad hay veces que tiene mucha suerte….

  13. Definitely an amazing game, but he does owe some of the credit to some potatoes on the other team. “Oh, my teammates just took torps. Well I better sail in a straight line then. He’ll never expect it.”

  14. All those battleships getting torpedoed. Especially those Kremlin’s. Very satisfying

  15. xAgentOfChaos_87

    Imagine if this thing had HE rounds…

  16. That first torpedo salvo to hit was gold

  17. Robert Basleader92

    “All luck” “moron enemy players” etc etc etc, yea maybe somewhat true, but if you dont drop those torps you wont hit them either, plus he was pretty much alone against them and managed to farm them, so yea maybe luck, but I’m pretty sure that most people even the epic players wont pull that off every time either, so this was an epic battle from him with some skill shown as well GG to him

  18. Nice. But dumb BBs sitting besides an island deserve to get torpped!

  19. Cleveland > alt – F4 > uninstall > install pokemon

  20. Darth Devious Watch One

    Good players make their own luck. And this guy was a good player.

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