Buddyonny / New Dawn / “The Buddy System”

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Don’t you know, it’s dangerous to go alone?


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sigh up through: http://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/invite/XDb11G5

Want to see me playing live?


  1. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    jedi you should let me carry you on NA

  2. it’s just the buddy, guy.

  3. I am at the Shchors right now. I kinda like it (more than the Buddy). They
    are still pretty damn fragile even at higher tier. However I am at the
    Tashkent in the DD line and that really isn’t proving to be as capable as
    my other tier 8 DDs. :(

  4. Too soon, Caption Guy, too soon.

  5. The right term for the russian cruisers is “turning like a pregnant cow”!
    Keep up the good work PHJ.

  6. Buddy hell. it’s Terror Tugboat Time!

  7. Hey jedi, maybe it is your habit of zooming out direct after you shot that
    is causing you problems at the start with hitting anything. zooming out is
    good, dont get me wrong, but if u have such problems with missing at the
    start then you should just watch where your first 4-6 salvos land and
    adjust your aim. after you get the grips with it get back to zooming out
    quickly to get aware of your surroundings.
    greetings from germany and keep on the good work!

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