Buff Belfast (World of Warships)

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  1. Buff Belfast please T^T
    It is so bad that I can’t solo carry games with this ship and have 100% win rate 🙁

  2. 1 minute ago uploaded
    Its just the time when I see this

  3. Holy trinity of funtage: Yuro, Sharomoto and Jolly Wong

  4. Still alive?

  5. Belfast the Dank Engine

  6. Jolly senpai uploaded ^-^

    let’s play some S P A M M Y. B O I

  8. If a doctor said there is no such thing as good cancer, I will pull a picture of the Belfast. X)

  9. Yes, Schornharst, my favorite ship
    Much anticipate that video

  10. I want this comment loved by jolly wrong because i need attention

  11. I want this ship so badly 🙁 Not because its op but it was the first warship I visited ..

  12. アドミラルヒッパー

    Stalingrad needs buff. She needs 50mm bow armor,460mm guns,desmoines aa. (she has nearly spec already…….

  13. When Yuro leaves, one man will make sure that the throne shines and the poi is heard in WG.

  14. Tenno hika BANZAI

  15. Disgraceful Disgusting Despicable *Despacito*

  16. ‘to be continued’ *breathes heavily*

  17. I feel like i need to apologise about that Gneisenau, he’s a Finnish player by that name and i’m sorry he was let loose from the Finnish forest, we will send help and bring him back to be eaten by wolves

  18. Triple Belfast division should be considered a crime against humanity

  19. TheTog Landbattleship

    Destroyer captian:ok I’m safe in smoke
    Belfast captain:uses radar
    Destroyer captain:OH SHT HOW AM I SPOTTED. HAXXXX
    Belfast captain: *laughs as British as he can while sipping tea*

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