buffed Baltimore – finally a good ship !? World of Warships

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Player: thelastholdout
Ship: Baltimore
Map: Atlantic

User Description:

Between radar, a 10 second reload time, and very good AP penetration, I have to say the Baltimore is a pretty solid vessel now.
Here’s proof positive.

The fifth USS Baltimore (CA-68), the lead ship of the Baltimore-class heavy cruiser, was launched 28 July 1942 by Bethlehem Steel Company’s, Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts, sponsored by Mrs. Howard W. Jackson, wife of the Mayor of Baltimore, commissioned 15 April 1943, Captain Walter C. Calhoun in command, and reported to the Pacific Fleet.

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  1. mario takeshi tanaka


  2. Power creep comes and goes, but good looks never fade. For that Baltimore is the best t9 cruiser.

  3. Hnmp.. IMMA *GRIND*!

  4. the baltimore got better with the buff, not good imo, your bow still gets overmatched by pretty much every bb and the reload is still to high to go in close for your radar

  5. is it weird that 2 of my favourite ships were Baltimore pre buff and stock izumo?

  6. how sad to get so for and get blown out of the water in the last seconds.

  7. Play like a man and go with reload mod+AR.

  8. At tier 9 the Roon and DM Donskoi are still better at what they do than the Baltimore :/ not to mention the fucking reload times on US Cruisers Tiers 7-9 piss me off

  9. Fucktarded player. get Shima dead by missing the DD twice and not using radar when he have to use. persuited a afk enemy and that final, omg. the zao player was noob given broadside too.

  10. Panzerknacker, How does the Baltimore get an 18.4 shooting range ? Please tell me ? Thanks my brother

  11. Short Answer despite the outcome of this game .. : NO . Pensi,New Orleans and Baltimore still blow massive brown chunks.

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