Buffed Batlimore!+My Balti Build (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Hi Spartan great job keeping up the quality videos at such a fast pace. Love the great work!

  2. Since I’m so early, “And tonight” actually applies! 😂

  3. 19km isn’t useful for Americans cruisers and if you went with the main battery mod is better you can get the reload to 10 seconds with good range.

  4. Conor O' Sullivan

    You’re the only dude on YouTube I’ve clicked the bell notification for

  5. You said Atago correctly 😀!

  6. Ive just played her tonight and I’ve noticed she was tougher than i remember cuz i was bow tanking and bouncing BB shells.

    • Yup the only guns you need to be careful of now are 16 inch and larger

    • @Spartan Elite43
      They Buffed my Girl but they must of changed the team matching because out of 30 Battles I’ve one 1 because I’ve had all out Tongue Chomping Retards as team mates who YOLO and die less than 7 mins into the match..
      THIRTY TIMES IN A ROW !!!!!!
      Getting really sick of this Bullshiat.

  7. tman simplerockets 2

    This is going to be good

  8. Magister R'yleth

    Wow, can’t wait for the Baltimore. I love the Pensacola. With the exception that it’s made out of matches and powder kegs, it’s an awesome ship. I can’t wait to not explode every time I don’t manage to dodge incoming fire.

  9. Nice, great to see them buff all the cruisers. Most of them with repair and rudder shift but they gone and made the Baltimore a beast! 😂

  10. I accidentally wasted a universal commendation on George Dewey when I meant to do it on Norman Scott ugh.

  11. Don’t know about range build on something that basically lobs especially with Charles martel and chapayav ingame

    • I dont generally end up firing out to that range but its nice to have the ability to if needed

    • @Spartan Elite43 true just saying with stuff like martel and chapayav you better be careful choosing range over other things

  12. Jokubas Normantas

    We ned the horn to our ships

  13. Who else here suddenly wanted the Baltimore? I got surprised when he got those citadel’s in a cruiser

  14. spartantrooper7

    Campaing lvl 46 how do yo get there so fast!!! im only lvl 17 and idk what else do to progress faster :'(

    • Spartan Elite43

      WG changed the way they allow you to buy Admiralty and I bought the wrong thing ended up spending a chunk of my gold I was not happy

  15. i sold my baltimore before the update wow

  16. TheLaborPeasant

    On one of your previous Baltimore videos I mentioned that I thought Atago was better, and I’ve been meaning to bring this up so this is perfect timing cause now I’m starting to come around and thinking Baltimore may be the king of the cruisers. It’s not a ninja like Atago or Kutuzov but it’s a damn tough work horse and when it sets its mind to something you better take it seriously cause itll land 6 shells in one hole right in your citadel if you let it. Good game!

    • Spartan Elite43

      Absolutely its very underrated but in the right hands it dispatches cruisers and destroyers with ease at any range

  17. Good buff this, just enough to make a big difference without making it too good.

  18. Spartan Elite43

    Gameplay starts at 8:34

  19. Hey Spartan, I’ve been having a question that’s been on my mind, Wargaming loan you premiums to do vids, will they be doing that for the legendaries too?

  20. Good game. Baltimore was my first tier 7. Anyone else get a premium ship from the bureau crate? Got the indianapolis

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