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This might just be my personal Zao record ever.

I don’t play this ship anymore and I certainly don’t play it often.

There are a lot of players that scored more dmg than me but damn was this a nice Zao match for you.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Off topic, from all the games played other than wows, Detroit is the one I enjoyed the most by far, and eagerly waiting for you to destroy everything with the second playthrough 😉

  2. Wow, thats a cracking game!

  3. Man, you beat the 1st place on the other team in base xp

  4. You seem happy in this game man, its like watching old Flambass. Its good to see.

  5. Can’t speak for everyone, Flambass, but for me personally, as an oldschool cruiser main, I much prefer the non-gimmicky skill-and-experience based games over the lolReloadBooster/SpoodBeest/StrikeAircraft games. Just a simple demonstration of using skill and experience to beat the enemy.

    • @Siddhant J not sure what special AP is but no, it doesn’t have increased AP angles. it does have super high angle firing arcs so it can hit targets from behind cover without being spotted even at short ranges.

    • @Katzenjammer_J I’m not sure why they couldn’t. It’s a big change but it’s already coded. I would assume their general attitude of not giving a fuck to what we want would be the catch.

    • @David B Trust me Worcester is not exempt. Just because I didn’t mention every single stupid bloody gimmick in the game doesn’t mean I forgive the various stupid bloody gimmicks in the game. In fact, I personally despise that ship in particular because it’s like the devs went to the gimmick bucket as it was at the time and just poured the entire thing onto the Worcester during development. 😛

      And of course I didn’t mention the most annoying gimmick in the game. Lolpen. Something that makes cruiser gameplay painful. Because why should we reward intelligent angling?

    • @David B what is the Zaos gimmick?

  6. I was anxiously waiting for the solo warrior but whatever

  7. I like how flam went is Bourgogne going to ram no.
    Looks away and doesn’t respond when the feed shows it did indeed ram.

  8. Always liked Zao, it just got power crept over time. Guns are really accurate and AP works well too..

  9. Wish they put the legendary module back to what it was before – that’s pretty much the only buff I’d like for Zao… after that probably deck armour like atagos Doubt they’ll do that though, might make it OP.

  10. When you have more XP on the losing team than the top player on the winning team…Holeeee Jezuuussssss!!! Wow Flambino that was a monster game. Always like watching Flambass BEFORE mingles with jingles- you never disappoint on those videos +1 Flambass

  11. I was curious about a new Resident Evil movie, since I appreciate the series for it’s downsides and for being just some dumb zombie fun.
    After I saw that the list of characters includes Claire and Chris Redfield, Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, I’m now pretty sure that it’s not gonna be able to offer anything amazing in the story department. I’m not confident that whoever gets put in charge of this type of series will be able to combine characters (and stories) from 2 different games into a single movie.

  12. Acording to Wows stats 314577 dmg Zao is 164th place on EU server, 81st place on NA server, 82nd place on RU server, 37th place on ASIAN server Highest record 490358 dmg on Zao Asian server. This is all for today 29.11.2021. Great game for good old Zao.

  13. Incredible game! WOW! Pure skill!

  14. My most pet peeves in Resident Evil is when the monsters/zombies carrying weapons such as bazooka/machete etc. That’s when the francise goes downhill imo. Now we have monsters with pyschic powers and fairly good interlect…

    They should’ve keep it simple.

  15. You are a freak of nature, Flambeau. Keep up the fantastic work!

  16. Cracking Zao match…and that’s from someone who loves playing her. GGs

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