BUFFING THE TORPEDO RELOAD TO INSANE LEVELS – Halland in World of Warships – Trenlass

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. 0:32

  2. lol that yama survived with unsinkable achievement which is very very very rare these days(2 yrs if i’m right i.e reduction of flood time)

  3. Nice game Trenlass, getting 2 shimas solo is an accomplishment regardless of the rest. You and your shima won the game early for your team.

  4. Do you play Halland with the torpedo reload module?

  5. Tried running your dead eye secondaries build on FDG, I don’t have GK yet, and gotta say it works pretty good. Secondaries can barely hit DDs now even with manual so it doesn’t seem all that worth it compared to better dispersion at range.

  6. Michael Søndergaard

    didnt know the daring could look like that:-) wow great game.
    maybe i should come back and play again. seems i have a chance to work on my dds alot better now:-)

  7. I did see that shit … reload was 55-54 when it says 52.* … what a rip … report this glitch

  8. Very nice. My damage record is in her at 245k lol. Loss unfortunately, but getting her reload up that high after so many hits and having AR kick in is just fun lol

  9. At 11:36 you have indeed 50 or 51 second reload and later on you have a longer reload again because the difference in HP is significant. You used a heal or two again, so AR does less to your torpedo reload.

  10. As usual, the first thing Trenlass finds to booli on the map. A Hindy. But great performance my young friend. Now we just wait for the US-H 😉

  11. those torps are so fast it looks like I’m watching a fast forwards game

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