Buffs Nerfs 13.1 Update Huge Balance Changes World of Warships News

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  1. Hello and welcome huge balance changes nerfs buffs coming in update 13.1 World of Warships breaking news. It’s a long list of changes let me know in the comments what you think!!
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  2. I approve of these changes. Just won the Miyokan yesterday. had never heard of it.

    • There are an awful lot of changes announced insane buffs and nerfs coming in the next update. Mikoyan will be better 😉

  3. That’s a huge boon for the Hayate. Thumbs up for that!

    • Hayate came out absolutely winning from these changes…reload buff and options now to have smoke AND reload booster. Hayate will get a real shot in the arm from this in a good way👍

    • Including my own renewed interest in a ship that certainly needed some love (particularly for the 2M she cost in free XP originally) I think we will be seeing a lot of her on the seas from next patch. I think that’s fantastic news. Thank you WG!@@CarbineCarlito

  4. Love the presentation and summary, very nice format. Thanks.

  5. @nightmaretheater_TheCount

    It’s about time they started taking care of some of these ships. Hope they are able to adjust the parameters on most of these classic older ships that have been power-crept over the years and start a whole balancing effort for everything. That would be really nice.

    • Well i must admit there are some real positive signs here. I looked at these buffs and nerfs and the vast majority will be well received by the player base I suspect

  6. @bryandavidson6386

    Thank you for doing this…. saves us lesser beings from having to scroll through pages of WG waffle. Good job!🖒

  7. Most of these buffs to the older standard surface ships have been badly needed, just because of power creep over the years, though some (eg. Katsonis) were just bad from the get go. Obviously, no buff to ANY CV whether it has BB guns on it or not is NEVER good news. Nevertheless, I’m bummed about the nerf to my Petro; she’s been my rockstar. Worst of all: NO BUFF for the Blyskawica???? 🤨 She is badly in need of some love.

    • They have touched on a lot of ships to be fair. I think it’s just impossible to balance all the ships in one go but I think they had a decent swing of the bat here. A lot of these are player requested

  8. @waynelawrence5220

    They all sound good, quite a few missing buffs though. But would have rather seen some serious nerf bats taken to what are the real vermin of the game SUBS.

    • There are already multiple changes relating subs coming in 13.1 and 13.2 so I guess they have escaped for the moment 😉

    • @waynelawrence5220

      @@CarbineCarlito Yes but those are just “lipstick on a pig” that do not address the fundamental flaws with the entire class as developed and implemented by Wargaming.

  9. I kinda Wished Hizen got a Buff, Hizen needs an long overdue Dispersion Buff given how Iwami the moment it released was superior in almost every aspect except the number of guns. Hizen feels like its long range Dispersion is Worse then Italian bb dispersion, and hizen has farmable 32mm deck which is unlike most Yamato prototype designs which all have 51mm deck

  10. I think many of these make sense. Hayate, returning the Colombo shotgun to its very original configuration (NB STILL a shotgun), and the nerfs to some of the more toxic CV damage are all good. one that I think is odd is the buffs to the US hybrid BBs – not sure they really need that. Louisiana is not exactly underpowered….

    • I agree the vast majority are making total sense and it’s refreshing 😀

    • Conde dpm buff is an obsurd change that will result in the ship remaining incredibly overpowered, regardless of the nerf to burst fire. Then to nerf Colossus becuase it can bully the very small number of CVs at T8 that actually have a citadel and cruiser players who play without switching their monitor on; while leaving ships like Chkalov and Kaga unchanged is an absolutely abysmal decison. WG catering to the few CV players who comlain after getting themselves killed by another CV while ignoring the surface player ships getting dumpstered by Kaga.

    • ​@finol6127 you might want to read the conde changes again. As I understood it they didn’t nerf the burst fire, they made the dispersion better when burst firing.

    • @@user-vt9lu4fo1k I have just read back over them and in typical WG fashion its terribly worded but no it is still a nerf. The change is -40% dispersion bonus to -20% bonus, WG just forgot to put a minus in of course….

  11. Ok they REALLY need to give Leone depth charge planes, since she’s the only T6 DD that doesn’t get depth charges

  12. This is the very first time I have seen an update video it wasn’t tedious and boring. Excellent job!

    • Glad you liked it! It was tedious and boring making it if that helps 😎😂 Feel free to subscribe and click the bell icon for notifications to not miss the next one 😉

  13. Just my 2 cents. I don’t know if the nerf on Aviere is justifiable. The range is what makes the sluggish torp serviceable. And the engine boost is situational enough as it is now. People rarely play this ship except in ranked since she shines only in specific situations. The nerf is only making this line worse and not worth playing in my opinion. The rest of the Italian line is skill-demanding enough and needs some buffs. Further nerf is deterring people from playing this line : (

    • I think its acceptable as the ship feels very good. I just hope they don’t continue to nerf it as their eyes have now landed on a target it seems😉

  14. It’s nice that they’re increasing the hit by the Sun Yat Sen, but it would be better if they actually did something about the accuracy. Hitting the broad side of a barn is something it fails at.

  15. Thank you for this video young man, I find the text in game too small for me to read so miss all this on the news items posted, also the live stream where they cover these things has far too low sound levels so can’t glean the information there either.

  16. Well done CC!
    I like the new way showing / presenting information.
    All the best.

  17. Most of the changes feel legit to me. Making some obsolete ships playable again.

  18. @marcvanartevelde5586

    We appreciate you working a full 4 hours for the first time in many decades, CC. I’ll talk to my contact about a counseling voucher.

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