Build Refinement: Cleveland in CV Meta – World of Warships

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Recent game in my Cleveland where we dealt with many different ships to try and help our team win the game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII American Cruiser Cleveland Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Cleveland is a substandard ship. Poor Cleve. They should giver her some sort of buff.

  2. Well 360p isn’t exactly fun to watch in, I will be back Notser, I will be back!

  3. Took AA skills on my gearing captain and dropped gun reload and torp reload for it.. I already regret it. AA is still useless, T10 rocket planes still removing half my HP in one go. And now I even lack the tools for ground to ground fight..

    • +Amarbold Ochirkhuyag yes it ended on the 8th

    • I have all the tier 10 DD’s. the only one that can consistently deal with CV’s is the Z52. With manual AA and sector set it deals almost 1000 damage per second. The Gearing with its wide and easy to hit body is almost useless now.

    • Would you prefere manualy aimed AA?
      Would you prefere a manualy placable, limited in size, killbox, where all Planes passing throu dependent on their speed get damaged realy hard (around 2/3 of health)?

    • Keep up ur gunboat offence and spare ur smoke for when the CV pins you down/ambushing. I like to fishtail and I hightail it for a cruiser when I get focused by aircraft. Keep AA off until the CV finds you then pop AA and maybe smoke. Until CV’s are nerfed a little, the golden rule for DD’s now applies against CV’s too: always have an escape plan.

    • Amarbold Ochirkhuyag

      +ronnie cason oh man I didn’t have time to look into. Lost the chance

  4. Show us slingshot drop in CV

  5. Wish WG would change AFT back so it would be useful for AA builds

  6. i m actually a US CL main (my 2 favorite ships are Cleve and Wooster), for the Wooster i have no issue the 2k Dps of the AA is no joke. But for Cleve i feel something is missing. I mean there is no reason to play it, there is way better ships: Baltimore with better AA, better guns with super shells and improved AP angles, also better armor with 27mm and 10km radar, or the Chapayev with 950m/s rail guns, better speed, better radar (12km), torpedeos and overall better consistancy about matchmaking

    I have those 3 t8 ship and even if i main US CL, even if i prefer the Cleveland, i feel more powerful in the 2 other ships because they are just like Cleveland with better AA, guns, radar and survivablity. Having hydro and AA in two different is no longer better than before, DFAA is a bit useless now. It s a sad story for this ship, the “from hero to zero”

  7. Lmao, I’m that T-61 he blows out of the water. When I saw he scored a Kraken I thought oh well maybe it’ll make the interwebs and here we are XD. Just sad it wasn’t one of the other games I’ve had with him where I don’t potato myself. *Edit I didn’t forget the cleve has radar I just panicked and instinct popped smoke, caught on way too late what was pelting me and couldn’t even get torps off.

  8. It’s nice how you try showing off the Cleveland’s AA against a cv two tiers lower then you. it would be nice to see how long you last against a Midway.

    • Or 2 Midways? Or 2 tier 8 ones?

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Based on my experience with an AA build in Cleveland, if you have a decent CV player in a t10, you’re going to hurt regardless of what your AA build is. As of right now, the plane/AA balance is such that you’re very powerful against lower tier CV, you’ll take damage from a same tier but will be able to take down planes, and will consistently struggle against a decent higher tier CV even with a strong AA ship with an AA build.

    • MidnightPhoenix07 I agree with you all the way I play on the EU server and it’s great to see CV’s more in the game but it’s so broken right now. And it’s just high tier CV.s sending waves of planes at you with no risk of being attacked

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      +gary taylor Also, from playing other cruiser lines as well since the rework, unless you’re a higher tier than the carrier, good luck doing much of anything unless you stick with the fleet huddle or invest 110% into AA and hope RNG favors you that battle. Yes, the US line’s strength is supposed to be AA and WG kept it as such (or at least intended to), but it also means that non US lines are fairly helpless, especially since AA range is capped so you have to hug someone’s side to have any reasonable shared AA coverage.

  9. They need to adjust the defensive aa so it gets the accuracy debuff from old RTS!

    The major problem are those games when you get 25K plane damage and shots down 1-2 pcs…

    • +Perfection Man absolutely, which in turn also will provide a Flight Range Limit, cant go all over the map no more, if you want them to fly longer / further, you must add another fuel tank, which makes them slower and “easier” targets to shoot down !

    • +Hoschi0913 adding extra fuel tanks and would have to reduce payload, maybe 1 torp instead of two, same with rockets and bombs!

    • +ronnie cason You must talk about the limitation of the flight duration when the CV is already DEAD.

    • +Perfection Man yep could be something to be considered, agreed, plus there would be the advantage that the CV can no longer “hide” in a corner of the Map and needs to be closer to the action, which will make his boat vulnerable as well

    • +VuHien2011 that could be what it was i cant remember off the top of my head and i dont really feel like trying to find the video

  10. Im going to have to disagree with you when you talked about t6 players having a hard time with CVs abd CVs in general. For exemple when i play in my Perth(10 point captn) yes i have a harder time thrn if i were in a cleveland but thats what i expect and so i play differently then if there were no cv in play and i often rank in top aircrafts shot down because of it. Anyway i dont feel like just because poeple play CVs they shouldnt have a chance too influence the battle. I like to compare that to radar, when you know youll get radar you will essitate, the same way you will essitate if you are alone in a ship that has less then adecuate AA.

    Ps: sorry for my english its not my first language.


    • I agree think this is an effect of removing the intermediate tier CVS, no idea why they did that. When there were CVS at every tier they’d dilute them down now it’s either 2below you – no need to worry if you’ve got decent aa. Same tier – chance of doing some damage. Higher tier – aa is useless…

  11. Your team at B was there to keep the enemy from capping, which they succeeded in for a bit lol, more of a bad situation than a bad play in my opinion.

  12. surface ships are fine where they at gun wise. what WG should be doing is fine tuning carriers

  13. Wish they would allow priority sector to be switched by clicking on the compass in the bottom left corner which is already used to indicate it.

    • Couldn’t they just have 2 keys 1 for port 1 for starboard, it switches to either one when you activate that key, double press either to re center and still have its setting show up on the ship icon? Maybe have the whole icon covered when its centered, flashing while its changing, the current half when is set to that side, easy to see at a glance? Plus if you could bind them yourself it would be a big help but that level of tech is other worldly it would seem 🙂

  14. Cleveland needs to have a heal. 9 out of 10 times your in a T9-10 game punching above your weight.

  15. “In a world where we have to defend ourselves because noone else will” – think you could maybe get a sponsorship from S&W or Remington? XD

  16. >DD just sail with cruiser if you dont want to get nuke by CV
    >team cruiser consist of Henry, Azuma, Zao
    >sling HE from 18km+

    so what DD should do when sailing with this friendly cruiser?

  17. I switched back to WoT due to the DD holocaust. I’m good enough to survive a CV focus, but I would get focused in every single game. One mistake would reduce my DD’s HP by 2/3’s. This is a gamebreaking dynamic of the game being tied up or nuked by a CV every game.

  18. Your Ranger should NEVER had stayed in that location. He should have been moving south a long time ago.

  19. That’s a beautiful camo on your Cleveland.

  20. …why do those captains still run concealment?

    It’s not like it gains them anything. There were free respecs…didn’t they take that opportunity to switch?

    You were using High Explosive with IFHE…

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