Bullvyi and Spartan Totally Balanced! (Cursing Warning) World of Warships Legends Xbox One X

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  1. Best Wows legends you tuber!

  2. Very preferable spartan????1st?

  3. yo you should pick me up for a game and i can show you the way of the japanese destroyers (AKA The Destroyer killers)

  4. Dude I got spotted through an island too?

  5. Yo spartan we should squad up in warships I got the Iowa

  6. Skill of wall gameplay hmmmmm?

  7. The Atlanta is busted the spam on that is insane.

  8. Spartan playing not a battleship???

  9. Team work…..who would have thunk it?…..
    But its a thing.
    Sounds like u guys had fun.

  10. Bro as a Wyoming I completely obliterated a Omaha in one shot lmao it was juicy

  11. Fishermen 🙂 As a BB guy – I am not looking forward meeting you in battle 🙂

  12. Captain “Sea Salt” Spartan… I like it. Cursing…hmm so minute I didn’t even notice. The commentary from Bullvyi is priceless…cut the cantaloupes 🙂 …

  13. Another vid with great energy. Murder face! That’s is now also…………..a thing.

  14. Akatsuki is a beast destroyer. Get it asap fubuki and up the guns are good for the Japanese

  15. So is their a repair cost for ships??

    • Yes! The higher the tier the higher the cost most of the time you make it up , but at tier 6 it can make you go back wards if you die quickly

  16. Yes damage can get expensive! And just like WoT the higher the tier the higher the cost. At tier 7 you make alot more if you survive, and loose a ton if you die. You should be able to make the Difference unless you get paddling right at the beginning, lol

  17. I feel the ship classes are balanced, just need work on the match making, ie. More even number of battleships,cruisers and destroyers in a match. 5 destroyers 1 cruiser and 3 battleships does give the destroyer a huge advantage.

  18. GG. Service fee is a “thing”( I owe you bout 6 cents inc currency exchange). At least I am yet to lose money in game as per WOT. I am sure that will be a “thing” (12 cents) in higher tiers. Yes torps need balancing, that is a “thing” (18 cents). Gotta go before comments break me. Peas love and common cents, Johnno Bloke.

  19. One way to balance torpedoes is to give them a minimum travel distance before they arm…

    Could also give them a chance of being a dud, running too deep, etc.

    Also, only certain Japanese destroyers and cruisers historically carried reloads for the torpedoes…and it was about a 20 minute chore to reload, assuming the seas were calm enough to do it…

    Also historically, the Oxygen fueled Long Lance (represented in the game by the 10km range 610mm), was VERY maintenance intensive, and also prone to, uh, explode, and violently so, if the launching ship got hit near them. 3 cruisers of the Myoko/Takeo class were lost this way at the Battle Off Samar. One was credited to the escort carrier White Plains with a 4in hit that started a small fire near the Chokai’s (I think it was Chokai) starboard torpedo launcher…small fire got quite a bit bigger when the warheads and oxygen tanks cooked off…

    All ways of balance…then again, the fire control directors of most battleships’ main battery were not really capable of tracking a small, fast moving target…that’s why they carried lots of secondaries…and yet the game allows us to plaster a DD with one salvo if we happen to be pointing that way…

    Ah, anyway, GG…hope Bullvyi is doing well…cheers!

  20. Thanks for doing videos on WOWS Legends Spartan. There’s very few out there for the console that do it justice. I’ve taken a break from PC WOWS for now and it’s a refreshingly different game though I don’t play so much – just a casual few games here and there. I like that you are picking it up and showing the good and the bad. Keep up the good work..

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