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  1. I think PQ is losing it guys

  2. “Impossible to miss the Shikishima” … “How?!”

    Story of this ship

  3. phương nguyễn

    Bungo: basically the Kongo but more consistent guns

  4. I’m glad I’m not alone when it comes to the inconsistent salvoes despite careful aiming. It’s been exceptionally frustrating whenever I play BBs in Ranked, just witnessing shots either go higher or lower than where you aim the guns at, sometimes going way off course.

    • Or when every single shell lands either side of the enemy ship

    • One thing I noticed on my battleships is that if I zoom out too quickly after I fire my main guns, it messes with my dispersion.

      It’s as if I was never locked onto my target. So to fix this, I have to stare at my target for 2 seconds before I zoom out.

    • Idk in some of the shots (such as the one against the broadside thunderer) he’s complaining about, he definitely aimed too low or high. With a less accurate ship, it would not have mattered as some shells would have dispersed into the target.

    • Yeah. The only way I get around it is I aim slightly below the water for 1-2 guns. 1-2 guns at the water line. 1-2 guns above the water line. depending how many guns the ship has.

    • The aim system is a constant problem for me, even when I have perfect aim most of my shells fly to mars. Its just my perception but it also feels like shells fired at me are drawn into my ship like by a magnet, I will do 3250 DMG with a full broadside and 1 shell hits me for 30k. Anyone else experience this? While far from the best I am a veteran player over 5 years.

  5. Momo Fuku Doodoo Windu

    The Chad Bungo reveals you’ve been using inaccuracy to land hits this whole time 🦍

  6. Remember guys, theres no aiming bug

  7. Ngl I think it may have something to do with the japanese dispersion formula, in my experience it can make shells trend towards high and low on targets, kinda the opposite of french/EU dispersion. I can’t confirm this 100%, but I have heard/seen that japanese ships have really high vertical dispersion but very low horizontal dispersion, which is why they can feel bad when shooting broadsides but do weirdly huge damage when shooting bow in cruisers w/ overmatch. IMO high vertical dispersion feels way worse than horizontal, which is why this ship can feel really inconsistent even with those insane numbers.

    • May also explain why the salvo on the Malta at the end was so juicy, that thing has a real high citadel so wonky vertical dispersion wouldn’t matter as much.

    • No it has nothing to do with that. While the Japanese do have worse vertical dispersion, you can witness the exact same kind of issues with other accurate battleships like Montana or Vermont or Thunderer or Ohio. It even happens in the hyper accurate battlecruisers like Stalingrad. The game’s aiming system is just full of bugs, so the shells will consistently go everywhere but where you aim

    • @M he’s not saying other bbs don’t have this issue with the aiming system, just that the worse vertical dispersion ON TOP of the shitty aiming bugs makes Japanese bb dispersion experience really shit.

      I have to agree with him, it’s the reason why people say Yamato needs the legendary mod to really make it shine and personally I have so many more extra high or low shots in my amagi than north carolina or alabama.

    • @Jason Liuhonestly for this reason I hate playing the Yamato. I consistently get insane 20k salvos on bow-in cruisers or battleships, and then watch my shells over pen or fall short on broadsides… super frustrating.

    • You can absolutely prove it 100%, all the shell dispersion statistics are found in the wiki. It’ll tell you vertical and horizontal dispersion measurements.

      French 100% trend to horizontal and IJN 100% trend to vertical.

  8. The problem with this ship isn’t with the ship itself. The problem is the dispersion is so accurate that you can see how bad the aiming system of the game is when it puts the shells everywhere but where you aimed. The ship’s guns are good, but it’s let down by the game’s spaghetti code

    • spaghetti code doesnt really mean the result it outputs is bad, just that its poorly structured (which we dont know). But I get what you mean

    • Đức Anh Hoàng

      Why can’t they just remove it entirely? I’m sure we’ll get good and be better off without it

    • @Đức Anh Hoàngthey’d have to admit they have a problem first

    • ​@Đức Anh HoàngI agree. Players don’t need the auto aim for pc.

    • @Đức Anh Hoàng Maybe back in 2017 that would be fine, but good luck trying to aim at a French destroyer or a Smaland without an aiming assistant to help you. WG just needs to admit they’ve made a mistake and fix it. But we know WG never does that kind of thing

  9. The japanese dispersion elipse is the worst in the game. Combine that with an artillery bug and you are in for a real treat.

    • As an insult to injury their shells tends to overpen even most islands. Getting good salvo really shows how much rng is involved in this game.😊

    • Przemysław Krzekobrzegoszczyński

      ​@Gundolf300 Yeah, the problem with most BB’s is not the dispersion, but the fact when you do hit your rolling a dice to deal any damage at all. Really fun when you get a full broadside of a ship at point blank range, and can’t punish it because you just overpen. The only consistent way to citadel anything anymore is to be halfway across the map and get plunging fire.

    • That is not entirely true.
      IJN BB have the worst dispersion ellipse at short ranges due to the high flat offset in the formula.
      However the variable range dependent modifier is the lowest which results in them having the accuracy at very long ranges.

  10. The aiming system has been especially egregious lately, with shells landing short or long. Super frustrating

  11. I think a lot of the bad salvos in the video were because: Cruisers with low/small citadel (Edinburgh – altough the second salvo with 3 ricochets was absurd lol) and and against battleships the guns dont penetrate a lot

  12. You did aim high on the Moskva. 7:25 The X marker on the minimap is a bit past the Moskva’s bowline. But yeah the aiming system is also buggy, you can see how much the X twitches around before that. 10:25 I think that was actually the good ol’ shells falling short bug, here the X was spot on on top of the Thunderer when you fired…

    • When he fired the volley the X was a bit high but the Moskva turned out as the shells were in the air so I think they still went higher than they should. That being said the fact that there is a aiming bug just messes with your head

    • @War of Titus Turning out doesn’t necessarily mean that the target is going further away immediately. That’s because ships “drift” as they turn, causing the stern of the ship actually coming closer to you momentarily, and the middle staying roughly at the same distance for a while. The effect this has depends on the distance to the target, as well as the size of the target ship.

      The Moskva wasn’t that far away and it’s a fairly big ship, so in the time that it took the shells to get there, turning out didn’t really cause the Moskva’s midsection to go any further away. It might actually even have come a bit closer, which would cause shells aimed a bit too high to go even more high, possibly mostly hitting the superstructure.

    • @Wombat Except the shells hit at the front turrets so that part would be moving further away since ships tend to “pivot” at their center of mass which is more toward the stern, this is why “port rounding” works. The Moskva was 17km away about a 10 second time to target that is enough time.

    • @War of Titus Ships definitely do not pivot like that in this game though. ever watched how they drift?

  13. Thats so cute how he still tries to figure out the path to consistency in this one armed bandit joke of a game

  14. Although the Bungo has the highest sigma on any tier 10 BB, it also has the worst vertical dispersion and average horizontal dispersion in the current iteration of its testing.

    • あたまわるわる

      Not really. IJN dispersion is one of the best at longer range, and vertical dispersion is calculated base on horizontal dispersion. Their vertical factor is sucks but not that bad

  15. You need to adjust where you think the waterline is on ships and aim a bit lower as most of your shots are aimed high, its more noticeable on broadside targets, you can see the crosshair ride up from the waterline quickly up the ship right after you fire which is the easiest way to spot high shooting. Your aim prediction is better on turns so its definitely a crosshair placement issue.

  16. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    5:57 that smirk 😂😂

  17. Yall are forgetting that Bungo also has quite low penetration for 457s, especially at range it drops off dramatically.
    At about 17km your pen starts getting worse than the 406s on the FdG or Iowa

  18. I think it’s not about huge devastating strikes like a Vermont, more about precision (yeah not best video to demonstrate it) and dpm. You can’t get the Vermont alpha and the mobility and the reload and the dispersion. It seems rather balanced to me

  19. Try using the spotter camera and it might improve aiming a lot. I think what might be happening is that your aim was off — moving the reticle slightly lower on your screen translate to a sizable difference in where you are actually aiming. Bungo is so accurate that it really shows where you are actually aiming.

  20. Everything aside I love how these new Japanese BBs look, I’ve always been a fan of how oriental? Japanese? The Nagato and Amagi looked so super stoked with how these ships look

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