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I don’t think this ship needs ANY introduction, you all know how big of a pain this ship used to be. Jingles even used to say that team with more Colorado’s will lose the battle.

Well here you go, you get 2 for the price of 1.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. For those not up to date, what metric is flambass trying to improve his stats to?

  2. Matt I REMEMBER Masked

    Like a car wreck, I can’t look away. No worse grind in the game.

  3. Grinding this back in the day of stealthfiring cruisers and DDs without premium time was an experience.

  4. “no one grinds this ship anymore” me after grinding this “thing” three times :’O *dead*

    • I’ve done it twice. Never again will I reset that line.

    • @Nino Bixio Yup. WGing left the mid tier American BB’s to basically rot. Shit speed, Shit reload, Barely average accuracy. New Mexico is a real kick in the balls seeing as Fuso has the same number of guns but gets better deck armor, is faster and gets a *26 second reload* while NM is stuck with a soul crushing 34.3 still for some ungodly fucking reason. tier 5 Kongo is just better then New York besides only having 8 guns vs 10. It’s only at tier 7 where you at least feel somewhat on par with Nagato vs Colorado even though Colorado is much less tanky thanks to WGing shit-for-brains armoring of it. North Carolina and Amagi are mostly equal, Iowa and Izumo pretty much the same. At tier X Yamato is just better then Montana sadly seeing as WGing refuse to give Monty any sort of useful buff.

  5. Back in the first couple years of WoWs the American BB line grind was brutal. I think the Colorado you started with, without any upgrades, had a firing range that was less then its detection range. I remember a Kutuzov just farming me and I had no chance of hitting him because he was outside my firing range and faster then me.

  6. I love how your Sub sail around B cap and did not cap it, truly unicorn player

  7. 3:30
    The other cat
    Taking a glimpse
    Of pure horror
    From the safety of afar

  8. Ugh the Crawlarado. This ship is a time machine. It makes a fifteen minute battle feel like an hour.

  9. “Back in the day” was when I played- or at least I didn’t spend the kind of money that made grinding ships like Colorado optional. It was as far in the line as I got (Pre-Vermont Line) and in fairness to the ship I actually kinda liked it. The guns were nice and reliable, if you could play around the squishy slow hull.

    The problem was that I didn’t really put enough time/effort into the game AND progressed very horizontally, I never made it to Tier 10- the farthest line I got was German BB where I ran into a brick wall at FDG. Glad I left- but not Colorado’s fault.

  10. As a dedicated BB player, the CO is the most painful BB grind in the game so far.

  11. I like Colorado a lot, even more in EU since people were not that used to US AP, at least in my experience. Lost a lot, but clamped a lot and had fun. 😛

  12. The grind in the Colorado to get to NC was brutal, seemed ever worse than the earlier slow battleships of the line.

  13. I remember grinding this thing many years ago. It was hell.

  14. Back in the day theres ships had 3 hulls you needed to unlock before the next ship could be reshearched.

  15. I am on the grind of Colorado so it’s still one you have to grind. The new hybrids just add to the grind.

  16. Loved this ship while grinding.

  17. I can’t get over how pretty the fattleships are, especially Colorado. When I think of a warship, I don’t picture an Iowa-class, I picture these ships

  18. Love the fact that the sub retreats faster than the Colorado can move XD

  19. Thanks for your videos over the years Flambass. Very enjoyable.

  20. Fun fact, the Colorado was the 1st ship that I broke 200k damage with. And it was done in a T5-T7 game.

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