Campaign Ship Revealed: Legendary Campaign | World of Warships Legends | 4k

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Today we are taking a look at three new ships coming next update. Minotaur, Lion and Colbert. Two Legendary ships and the first campaign legendary ship.


  1. I have a feeling there will be a lot of potatoes at legendary tier with Minotaur

  2. Now that Kii is available for GXP, a replacement had to be found for the crate exclusive ship gimmick (maybe Lion?)

  3. I was going to skip this season to play other games but I guess I’ll buy some doubloons and grab that beast…even if I don’t play legendary often.

  4. Aren’t red tracers SAP on PC? Hmmm… I’m looking forward to Colbert the most out of all of them.

  5. Update looks great to me…thanks for the review!

  6. I see another type of shell

  7. My biggest concern is still Admiralty go up due to it being a Legendary Tier ship this time. They did say Minotaur will be a Bureau project as well starting with the following update. My guess is the campaign version will include the camo. It will be interesting to see what you would get from the Bureau if you already have Minotaur, silver, GXP or likely not Doubloons. Gut feeling Lenin will be this year’s Kii. They said it would come back but I don’t think they want tons of them running amok ala Jean Bart not coming back.

    • My guess is that Minotaur will be difficult to get in the campaign through some kind of harder challenge tree than the currently weekly havocs we get through typical campaigns more reminiscent of the high difficulty campaigns we got earlier on in the games life, and that lion will be the standard prize that is easier to get from doing the standard weekly challenges.

    • Sailing Robin confirmed on Discord that Admiralty Backing will cost the standard 2500 doubloons.

    • @RiderVPG Greedy pigs. Dial it down for December!

  8. Maybe a recolor for ap since white can be hard to see on some maps

  9. Where long or hard campaign? 🤔

  10. That beautiful Belfast…

    • I got that ship from a box on my first day and didn’t even realize it had given me a ship until the next day surfing around the game..a year later and hundreds of comments later,I know how lucky that was.

    • @Joshua Mitcham You’re lucky alright, and I’m jealous 😂

  11. Ah bless they release a British earn op about time I think and they have to release a french ship at the same time 😂😂

  12. Bro i want the god damn BB as the campaign reward


    Problem only is that most people will only use the cruisers for spamming and not to counter DDs, making it even worse for BBs. Most people don’t know how to play this game.

  14. I’ll be getting the Colbert definitely

  15. We have a light cruiser tho

  16. Everybody hating on the Worcester 😅… personally having a grand ol time with her, but I kind of get the shade being thrown. Will definitely appreciate the added variety Mino and Colbert being though

  17. Now just separate t7 from legendary games

  18. Red tracers means SAP in wows pc (semi armor piercing shells, doesn’t penetrate like regular AP and has better penetration angles than HE shells.) it’s mainly exclusive for the Italian tech tree ships, but you can red tracers on AP shells if you put a certain legendary commander on a certain ship. (Yamamoto on the Yamato at PC)

    Does that mean we’ll get SAP in legends? I don’t think so, maybe when they add the Italian BBs.

    Now we can only play the waiting game.

  19. I don’t play legendary at all. Not losing 200k silver a game. But now we have the Japanese version of the Tirpitz, why would I want to play legendary when I could have those 2 ships?

  20. The Lion could also be for steel

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