Can I Carry Hard Enough? (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Now my top dmg is 218k

  2. So what’s your opinion on the XDehumidifier Series X?

  3. An upload on Sunday night? Once again what a REAL LEGEND

  4. Waiting for you in my Bismarck!!

  5. Stream wensday maybe?

  6. Repair single fire with 5 seconds left. classic.

  7. God damn destroyer

  8. GG, the enemy had superior deployment and could get crossfires
    The friendly destroyers were out of the game
    Nevertheless, you did what you could and that was awesome ??

  9. Been a while since i was Home, Who thought he meant an Iowa Video? Don’t Lie 😉

  10. New catch-phrase – “Turn, Tuuuurrnn!!!! ” :))))

  11. GG. Looked like plenty of games I have played when the red DDs take advantage of BBs lack of vision and speed near the end of a battle. I don’t think you made a mistake taking out that side before concentrating on the Lightning. As you say, only so much you can do, if the Kagero held on for thirty seconds you still could have won. Only thing I would have done differently would have been to steer away from the little bugger at the end, I find the extra few seconds sometimes handy for the dodge. Not saying it would have changed the result, just my aversion to those sneaky little s#%ts. Peas love and backward glances, Johnno Bloke.

  12. That’s what happens when you leave port without your English wingman ?
    Joking aside, great work to get the Kraken! You almost pulled that one back at the death.
    Glad the Xbox Series X heads up proved useful, it will be interesting to see what frame rate performance it benchmarks at. I assume 60 will be the goal.

  13. So, how has everyone’s overall experience been with ranked? I’ve lost a lot of faith in humanity with how stupid some people are. From DDs death charging in order to launch torpedoes (and failing to hit anything anyway), to teammates firing AP at destroyers (while playing cruisers/destroyers), to teammates who don’t have enough sense to fully upgrade their ships before playing ranked. The list goes on and on.

  14. Some teams just can’t be carried no matter what you do.

  15. You should get the Xbox thicc boi, I know I’ll be getting it.

  16. glad you enjoyed your time away.Thank you for uploading.

  17. Oh, and Spartan, you have to get into the habit of calling destroyers “LOLIBOATS” it is the sign of a true WoWs player.

  18. Welcome back to the iowa

  19. Same here Spartan always a playstion boy back in the day then the announced ps3 delay an I was like I’m out I’ll buy the new Xbox because it is out ?

  20. Them torpedo beats though! That one torp towards the end that missed the rear of the ship literally took paint off I think! Great game as always!

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